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Top Ten v16.0 Enhancements

1. Sending Reports

Generation of PDF sending reports to provide a powerful review of campaign performance

Sending Reports

2. Improved Sending Task View

Many improvements to sending task properties, including displaying when user responded, unsubscribed or was undeliverable, new recipient views and enhanced filtering

Improved Sending Task View

3. Global Block List

Support for a Global Address Blocking List that can be automatically imported and shared by your databases

4. Enhanced User Interface

Many improvements to interface for a cleaner style with less clutter

Enhanced User Interface

5. Latest Mail Standards

Supports latest Email and SSL standards, including automatic selection of the best SSL protocol

6. Amazon SES Enhancements

Improved compatibility with Amazon SES (inexpensive sending via Amazon), including support for wider range of attachments

7. Improved Email Creation

Various improvements to email creation and editing, including better formatting compatibility, new text color highlighting, default font options, and saving messages as drafts

8. Delivery Order

Can specify the order in which Email and SMS messages are sent, and letters and labels are printed

9. New Sending Summary Features

Enhanced delivery of sending summary including support for multiple notification addresses and more options regarding attachment of reporting files

10. Outlook 2016 Support

Now fully compatible with Outlook 2016 32 and 64bit

Outlook 2016 Support


Complete Change History

  • Added: Improved Splash screen
  • Added: Newer TLS/SSL libraries
  • Added: Alternative Cipher support for TLS/SSL
  • Added: Some debug logging improvements, including Deep logging
  • Added: Auto SSL option
  • Added: SASL authentication support
  • Fixed: May frequently check for updates
  • Added: Now supports all MIME types permitted via Amazon SES
  • Added: PNG files can be embedded in messages
  • Fixed: May wait too long for inactivity before sending tasks
  • Added: Can now specify default fonts for the message editor
  • Fixed: Cannot clear custom sizing in Create Background dialog
  • Added: Sending task recipients grid now shows date when user responded, unsubscribed or was undeliverable
  • Added: Update counts function on Send Task Recipients page
  • Added: Can now filter by multiple statuses when displaying sending task recipients
  • Added: New overview view for displaying sending task recipients with enhanced status display
  • Added: Some improvements to internal data structures
  • Fixed: Status may not be updated when using Shift key to select multiple recipients/sending tasks
  • Fixed: Improved performance of sending task recipients display grid
  • Added: When syncing contacts with Outlook, it retrieves the contact notes
  • Added: Removed database now stores and restores member notes
  • Added: Can now set number of recipients before Sending Task properties dialog automatically calculates counts
  • Fixed: Some display issues when exporting sending task details
  • Added: Improved file menu in Sending Tasks dialog
  • Added: Improved display and handling of sending task names
  • Added: Now generates a default display name for unnamed sending tasks
  • Added: Can now right-click any old message to reuse the content for another mailer
  • Removed: Hidden option: Output Sending Status File. Now handled by send summary options
  • Added: Can choose what files are attached to a sending task summary email
  • Added: Can specify multiple destination addresses for sending task summary emails
  • Added: Dialog to edit destination email addresses for sending summary and pop email processing disposal
  • Added: Recipients status message includes a header row
  • Fixed: May get error if sending summary dialog is shown when closing MLK
  • Added: With sending summary a copy of the message can now be attached
  • Added: When deleting a log file, it also checks for any associated files to remove
  • Added: New sending task properties outputs unsubscriber counts and sending duration
  • Added: Now generates PDF format sending reports
  • Added: Now fully compatible with Outlook 2016
  • Added: Improved default size and layout of Sending Properties dialog
  • Added: Improved styling of grids
  • Added: Can now automatically import from a Global Block List
  • Added: Advanced functions item to import into blocked list from file
  • Added: Many UI improvements for a cleaner style
  • Added: Button graphics are now optional (disabled by default)
  • Added: Now includes default dictionaries for British and Australian English, Spanish and French
  • Changed: Always defaults to using SMTP for Amazon SES
  • Added: Amazon API option is hidden if unused
  • Added: Updated TLD lookup table
  • Added: Can now specify the order in which messages and SMS are sent and letters and labels are printed
  • Added: Improved generation of TLD entries for members
  • Added: Improved layout of Advanced/Scheduled sending dialog
  • Fixed: Button position issue in Get From Outlook dialog
  • Added: Now handles skipped due to rules, differently from recipients removed from mailing list
  • Fixed: Errors displaying Xequte web pages from help file
  • Fixed: Resolved some unnecessary database display refreshing
  • Added: New Windows 10 UI styling
  • Added: Can now right-click the toolbar to change the style


V16.01 Change History

  • Fixed: Windows toolbar color slightly off
  • Fixed: Selecting a file from recent messages in Send Message dialog may not load correct message
  • Added: Filenames and sent messages in recent items of Send Message dialog sorted regardless of type
  • Added: MLK will now save messages to drafts
  • Added: Better cleaning of subjects for member forwarding
  • Added: More logging of application exceptions
  • Added: Advanced options to suppress application exceptions


V16.02 Change History

  • Added: Reset log function
  • Added: New color selection control
  • Added: Can now set highlight color of text
  • Fixed: When pasting from Word the cursor position is reset


V16.03 Change History

  • Added: Color popup is now themed
  • Fixed: Sending Progress dialog may be shrunk when showing sending log
  • Fixed: Some styling issues with File button
  • Fixed: May be prompted to upgrade database every time open (if upgrading from v13)
  • Fixed: May get error when displaying properties of a sending task


V16.04 Change History

  • Fixed: Non-English characters may not encode correctly in plain text messages
  • Fixed: Installer fails on Windows 2000
  • Changed: No longer offers to create quick icon in installer


V16.05 Change History

  • Fixed: Non-English characters may not be encoded when saving to file
  • Fixed: "Send Now" button may not enable when change recipient send status in batches
  • Changed: Some enhancements to address crashes that occur when using MLK on a remote system

Top Ten v16.50 Enhancements

1. Much improved exporting, particularly for secondary tables such as Removed Members and History, including more detail and enhanced formatting
2. Improved compatibility when exporting Excel XLS and XLSX files
3. Much improved printing throughout the application
4. Individual recipients can now be paused in a sending task
5. Multiple SMTP servers can be specified for a profile, which will be used in sequence to reduce load
6. Batch process addresses of a sending task to mark as responded, undeliverable or unsubscribed
7. All address editor provide consistent methods to paste, import or retrieve addresses from email software
8. Improved support for custom fields, including special editors for numbers and boolean types
9. Can now paste a list of addresses to select them in the main window
10. Toolbar support for Outlook 2016 32 and 64bit

Complete Change History

  • Fixed: Subject may not be set when loading HTML files
  • Added: Improved compatibility when exporting Excel XLS and XLSX files
  • Added: Toolbar support for Outlook 2016 32 and 64bit
  • Fixed: Some odd glyphs in custom field editor
  • Added: Now uses default reply address when forwarding user messages (as many mail servers do not support custom senders)
  • Added: Improvements to some internal data structures
  • Added: Consistent controls to retrieve addresses in all relevant locations
  • Added: Can now batch process addresses of a sending task as responded, undeliverable or unsubscribed
  • Fixed: Manually set responders or undeliverable recipients of a task may be reset
  • Added: Multiple mail servers can now be specified for a profile, which will be used in sequence
  • Added: More informative success message when testing sending method
  • Fixed: Correctly updates casing in names such as O'Reilly
  • Added: Now fixing of the casing of names is optional
  • Added: Can now specify the type of bounce for email folder processing tasks
  • Added: Individual recipients can now be paused in a sending task
  • Fixed: In some rare situations the counts in the Sending Task Properties dialog may get out of whack
  • Added: Truncates zero values from time remaining descriptions
  • Added: Anniversary frequencies can be specified in weeks
  • Added: Can double-click any field in the member grid to open in an editor
  • Added: Can double-click star status or Boolean fields to toggle the value
  • Added: Can now edit number fields within custom grids
  • Added: More compact storage of address details
  • Added: Can now paste a list of addresses to select/filter them in the main window
  • Added: Much improved exporting from secondary tables such as removed, history, errors, blocking, etc, including more detail and XLSX support
  • Added: Option to default to home page on start up
  • Fixed: Cannot export sending activity grid
  • Added: Sending activity grid can be shown by time scales
  • Added: Cleaner style grid footers
  • Added: Sending activity grid includes glyph
  • Added: Much improved printing throughout the application


V16.51 Change History

  • Fixed: Cannot add images to member properties
  • Added: Now checks maximum recipient count when sending via Amazon SES
  • Added: If strict ISP limiting is enabled, active sending tasks will be delayed when entering a no-send time
  • Added: Now includes British, Australian, French, Spanish, German and Italian dictionaries


V16.52 Change History

  • Added: New menu bar buttons: Open DB, Paste Addresses, Quick Task
  • Added: Can now filter sending tasks by text found in subject or message body
  • Fixed: MLK toolbar in Outlook may crash when trying to add mulitple members
  • Removed: Find Box in menu bar


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