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MailList King
Email Mailing List Management Software

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Business Edition
Corporate Edition

Message Processing
Integrates with mail servers and popular e-mail software (such as Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
Processes Subscribe and Unsubscribe requests
Processes undeliverable ("Bounced") message reports
Processes forms submitted from your web site
Supports Double Opt-In and Opt-Out Confirmation Click to see Screen Shot

Message Sending
Sending via your favorite email software Click to see Screen Shot
Sending with our blazingly fast multi-threaded SMTP engine
SMTP engine can send simultaneously to multiple servers
Sending with a multi-threaded Internal SMTP Server (don't need to use your ISP's mail server)
Sending via Amazon's inexpensive SES email service
Send SMS messages to mobile phones Click to see Screen Shot
Rapidly delivers messages all-at-once, in staggered batches or at a scheduled date
Can automatically slow delivery to stay under your ISP's sending limits
Personalize messages with recipient's name, details and your own custom fields
Supports plain and HTML messages (with rich formatting, embedded images, etc.)
Create stylish messages with HTML stationery or your own template files Click to see Screen Shot

Mailing List Management
Send acknowledgement and welcome messages when members subscribe, unsubscribe or have a birthday Click to see Screen Shot
Auto-Responders: Automatically reply to messages and web forms with personalized e-mails Click to see Screen Shot
Powerful blocking rules to prevent users from certain companies, countries or domains from joining your lists
E-mail Address Verification: Rapidly check that the addresses in your list are valid and still available Click to see Screen Shot
Remote Administration Commands for management of your mailing list from anywhere

Mailing List Tools
Discussion Groups: Optionally allow your group members to send to your mailing list Click to see Screen Shot
Retrieve addresses from messages in your favorite email software Click to see Screen Shot
Mail merge directly from Text, CSV, Excel and Access files to your printer or email
Optional Mailing List toolbar for Outlook Click to see Screen Shot

Sophisticated tracking and reporting tools allow you to review membership and activity statistics Click to see Screen Shot
Monitor which users are reading your mailers and how often
Display the entire membership and message history of each of your contacts Click to see Screen Shot

Synchronize mailing list with Outlook Contacts Click to see Screen Shot
Import and export contacts using Text, CSV and Microsoft Excel and Access files Click to see Screen Shot
Send and import contacts from other database software via ADO or ODBC
Access your mailing list database with other software (such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server) using ODBC

Mailing List Database
Maximum number of mailing list contacts
No Limit
No Limit
Powerful searching, sorting and filtering of members
Databases can be shared by multiple users over a network

Unlimited Email and Web Forum Support
Telephone Support *
Expert setup and configuration of your software/mailing list **
Lite Edition
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Corporate Edition
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Up to 300 minutes phone support and remote management for the first 12 months during our business hours. This can be extended for $87.50 per hour
**  We can connect to your network remotely to install the software and configure it to your requirements (for your initial mailing list).  To do this your network must allow remote access