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MailList King v18.0 implements a range of enhancements including background sending, member reports, mailing list encryption and GDPR compliance. It is a free upgrade for all users who purchased a license or upgrade after 1 July 2018. For information on upgrading, please visit our upgrade page.

Top Ten v18.0 Enhancements

1. Background Sending

You can now continue to use MailList King while it delivers your messages in the background

2. Contact Reports

Print and email reports with full details of your members

Contact Reports

3. Mailing List Encryption (and other GDPR compliance)

Your mailing list can now be encrypted with password protection. Plus other GDPR requirements including logging all access to the mailing list

4. Google Maps Improvements

Support for the latest Google API is implemented for displaying member maps and street views

Google Maps Improvements

5. Group Subscription View

New group detail mode provides information of all subscriptions, dates for reminder message, etc.

Group Subscription View

6. Member Group Subscription View

Details of a member's subscription to a specific group can now be viewed and edited

Group subscription

7. Many History Improvements

Sending history now includes automated messages and the relevant message or member of a history record is available with a click. Also, history editing and deletion can now be locked, time can be excluded from date columns, and much more.

8. Signatures and Quick Text

Now much easier to insert commonly used text and signatures into your messages, including a new signature editor

Signatures and Quick Text

9. Enhanced Exporting

More detail is available for exporting, including output of all statistics fields for members, plus statistics just of the selected group

10. Much, much more

Many more improvements including Outlook 2019 support, enhanced layout of many windows, web-safe font support, custom fields in message headers, e.g. to support Google Feedback loops, and Amazon SES tracking.


Complete Change History

  • Added: When previewing new automated messages, live contact information is shown from your mailing list
  • Added: Batch setting of reminder dates
  • Added: Improved styling of mode menus and features page
  • Added: Update Field dialog now allows you to copy data from an existing member field
  • Added: Improved recognition of hard bounce messages
  • Added: Can add multiple photos and set the default photo for a member
  • Added: Improved the layout of many windows
  • Added: Improved style of some graphics
  • Added: Can now specify an SSL method for SMS servers
  • Added: All POP and SMTP accounts can have different SSL settings
  • Added: Can now add custom fields to message headers, e.g. to support Google Feedback loops
  • Fixed: May lose default group when entering options
  • Added: Can display sending progress in status bar
  • Added: Now supports Amazon SES tracking fields
  • Added: Clicking find recipient, shows edit member dialog, if there is only one recipient
  • Added: Can now choose not to forward bounce report messages when retrieving via POP
  • Added: Unpin button on Send Progress dialog
  • Fixed: Multi SMTP Server may not correctly iterate through available servers
  • Added: Methods to add comments and display the debug log file
  • Changed: When multiple SMTP servers are specified, MLK continues on from last server, rather than reverting to first one when recommencing sending
  • Added: Now always checks for log file when sending task summary
  • Added: Sorting of group tree can be forced
  • Added: Improvements to Windows compatibility
  • Added: Detailed logging now writes immediately to log file
  • Fixed: SMTP Header may not be cleared correctly when sending via internal server
  • Fixed: Date shifting of personalization fields may not occur if default date format is used
  • Added: Improved error message when importing from a locked/open file
  • Added: Now supports Outlook 2019
  • Added: Avoids output of very long time remaining values
  • Added: Now records to user history if they are out of the office
  • Fixed: Some issues displaying valid success rate for small sending tasks
  • Added: History now records access to mailing list by machine
  • Added: Can filter all members list by name or email address
  • Added: No longer show TrueType glyph in font drop down
  • Added: Mailing list can now be encrypted with password protection
  • Added: Can now exclude recipients from sending who do not exist in a lookup list
  • Added: New "Group Subscribes" view shows details of all subscriptions to groups, group reminder message dates, etc.
  • Added: Can now view and edit detail of a user's subscription to a specific group
  • Added: Can export all statistics fields, and vacation status
  • Added: When exporting members of a single group, statistics for just that group can be output
  • Added: Shows the number of reminder messages sent to user
  • Added: Shows date of next reminder message
  • Added: Member Panel shows group subscribe information if only a single group is selected
  • Added: Sending can be performed in the background
  • Added: Option available to hide sending progress dialog
  • Added: Can now hide fonts that are not web-safe (i.e. supported by non-Windows systems)
  • Added: Can now create member reports
  • Added: Now supports latest Google API for displaying member maps and street views
  • Fixed: Reports are always launched to browser when saving or emailing
  • Added: Can now immediately email new members
  • Added: Editor to create and delete commonly used text and signatures
  • Fixed: Issues when trying to update existing signatures
  • Added: Signature lists are now always sorted
  • Added: Now detects legacy data in photo field
  • Fixed: In some situations, photos page is not shown in Member Window
  • Added: Automated messages can now be included in sending history
  • Added: Click to view all history of a group
  • Added: History can be locked to prevent editing and deletion of some records
  • Added: Now stores an index of related messages for all relevant history items
  • Added: Clicking email address in History Record dialog, brings up the member record
  • Added: In all history modes can edit current member and show other history for member
  • Added: Time can be excluded from display in all date fields


V18.01 Change History

  • Added: Paste and embed image (from web link or local filename)
  • Added: May get error when creating new mailing list
  • Fixed: Custom header field values may not display
  • Added: Can specify MemberID field in custom header field
  • Fixed: Layout may be incorrect when using scaled fonts


V18.02 Change History

  • Added: Advanced tool to batch import a set of subscriptions for members
  • Fixed: No longer locks UI while loading/creating databases and processing batches (losing taskbar icon)
  • Added: Improved performance retrieving folders from Outlook
  • Fixed: Difficult to choose XLSX as an export format
  • Fixed: May not find sending log if we move to a new system
  • Fixed: May get an error when trying to validate addresses
  • Added: Now differentiates between skipped and paused recipients in Sending Properties
  • Added: Skips retrieval of names that have encoding errors
  • Added: Improved time remaining text
  • Fixed: UI updates while deleting groups
  • Added: Banner if upgrading database on start up
  • Fixed: Now skips reading of a start-up file from older versions
  • Added: No longer adds changes to group membership by Admin to removed list
  • Added: When deleting subscriptions, the reason for the delete can be specified


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