Installation Faq

1.  When I click on one of your links to download your file, I am asked whether I should "Open" or "Save".  Which option should I select?
  In most cases you should just use the "Open" option, which tells Windows to download the installation to a temporary folder and run it (i.e. start installing).

If you want to maintain a copy of the installation file (so you don't need to download again if you ever lose the program) you can choose the "Save" option and specify a location to save it to (do NOT save it to program folder under C:\Program Files).

You might also want to view our download instruction guide.

2.  During installation I get the error message "Delete File Failed, Error 32".  What am I doing wrong?
  The most common cause of this error is that you already have the software installed and you chose to save the install file to your Program Files folder when downloading. This means that when you install the software it tries to save a file to the Program Files folder with the same name as the installation, this causes an error because Windows does not allow programs to overwrite themselves.

For example, if you are downloading DVD PixPlay, you should NOT save the installation file to C:\Program Files (x86)\DVD PixPlay\ as that would cause a file clash.

To resolve the problem, download the software again and ensure that you save it to somewhere like your desktop and install it from there (or if you are prompted just choose the "Open" option, instead of "Save").

Note: You can still install the software to your current Program Files folder (i.e. after the file has completed downloading and you are inside the Install software wizard).

3.  I have purchased and been sent my serial number, but I can't find where to enter it.  Can you help?
  Please see the instructions on our Serial Number page.