Entering Your Serial Number

1.  Display the About Box

Select Help > About... from the Menu to display the About Box


2.  Check your Version

Compare the version of the installed software with that of your key:


If your software is older than the key that you have been supplied, then please download the new release from the appropriate download page of our web site.

If your key is older than the software you have then you may be entitled to a free upgrade.  Please see our upgrade page for more information.


3.  Display the Serial Number dialog

Click the "Enter Key" button in the About Box


4.  Enter your E-mail Address

In the Enter Serial Number dialog, type the e-mail address you used when purchasing in the top box.



5. Select your Serial Number

In your order confirmation e-mail, select your serial number and the click Edit > Copy from the menu of your e-mail software



6.  Paste your Serial Number

In the Enter Serial Number dialog click the Paste button beside the Serial Number box.



7.  Click OK


If your key is correct you will see a thank you message.  Upon restarting the program you can also see that it says "Registered" in the About Box (Help > About...)


If you receive an Error Message, then please check the version again (Step 1. above) and ensure that you have pasted only your serial number (without spaces or other text).

Please forward your order confirmation e-mail to us at sales@xequte.com if you are having problems and we will help you out.