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Smart Pix Manager
Photo and Multimedia Management Software

v11 Top Fifteen Enhancements:
1 Huge improvements in styling, wording and layout in the 80 most used windows
2 Display a map showing the location of the current photo (if photo includes GPS field)

3 Filter media library by date with bar graphs of photos taken for each month or year

4 Display a histogram of your image color range

5 24 new transition effects
6 Graphics enabling you to rapidly select motion and transition effects

7 More image formats: Windows Media HD Photos (*.hdp,*.wdp), Multipage PCX (*.dcx) files, enhanced DICOM and huge TIFF files
8 New Advanced Options dialog provides access to 30 power settings
9 Automatically clear the thumbnail cache when closing Smart Pix
10 Improved desktop wallpaper features including instant "Undo"
11 Paste a list of keywords directly from the clipboard to your files
12 Automatically add the files you view to your media library
13 Quickly reposition in file and keyword grids by clicking the first few letters of name
14 Date keywords now display in chronological order
15 Windows 7 support including progress display in the Windows Taskbar


Changes in v11.1

  • Fixed: Slow parsing of big folders due to always reading EXIF date
  • Added: Reads file date from media library in folders mode
  • Fixed: View video frames option may be disabled if Simplified UI option is enabled
  • Added: Text captions also display when using the multiview option
  • Fixed: Some issues editing pages of TIFF files
  • Added: Some stylistic improvements
  • Changed: Mouse wheel always scrolls the current control. If no scrollable control is focused the mouse wheel setting under Tools > Options, Other determines whether the wheel navigates the file list or zooms the image
  • Added: Shift key inverts the mouse wheel function
  • Changed: Updated Help file
  • Added: Increased maximum database size to 128GB
  • Added: Improved performance when sharing a database over a network
  • Added: Added support for newer camera RAW formats
  • Fixed: File info dialog may not clear when adding new information


Changes in v11.2

  • Changed: No longer shows IPTC warning for non-JPEG and TIFF files when exporting keywords and descriptions
  • Fixed: In rare situation JPEGs with certain EXIF fields can be corrupted when saved
  • Fixed: Slideshow interval display issue when using long display times


Changes in v11.3

  • Added: Can now use multimedia control keys to navigate files
  • Added: Manual and automated checking for updates
  • Added: Some performance optimizations
  • Fixed: May get an error when exporting keywords and descriptions to IPTC

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