MailList King, Email Mailing List Management Software
MailList King
Email Mailing List Management Software
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MailList King - Lite Edition
MailList King - Lite Edition
Designed for professional and home office usage to effectively manage and communicate with your mailing list
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MailList King - Business Edition
MailList King - Business Edition
Designed for large mailing lists and business usage.  Includes all the functionality of MailList King - Lite Edition, plus:
Database sharing over a network so multiple users can simultaneously manage your mailing list
More sending options: MLK's own mail server, Amazon's inexpensive SES service and simultaneous delivery to multiple mail servers for maximum speed
Automatic synchronization of contacts with Microsoft Outlook
Remote Administration Commands to manage your mailing list from anywhere
Support for other database software via ADO and ODBC
Business users receive Priority Support
$199.50 Purchase now on our secure server
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