Ordering Faq

These are the most common questions we receive about ordering.  If your question is not answered please email us at sales@xequte.com or submit our contact form.

1.  How long will it take to process my order?

You will receive your keys by e-mail within 24 hours (typically within 8 hours).  If you order using a freemail address (such as hotmail.com or yahoo.com) it may take longer.

2.  What happens if I have a software crash or change computers and lose my software and/or keys?

If you lose your software you can just download it again from our web site.  You can also e-mail us to have your serial number re-sent.

3.  Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes, within the first 14 days.  See our Policy for details

4.  Is it safe to order online?

Yes.  Your data is encrypted as it is sent, so technically speaking it is safer than mail or fax (you can tell the page is encrypted as you will see an image of a yellow key or yellow lock in the status bar of your web browser when you go to our order page).  Also if your card is used by another person, you are not liable, as your credit card company will pick up the fraudulent charges.  That said, we have never had a report of a person ordering from us encountering such problems.  If you still have concerns then we are also happy to receive your order via phone, fax or mail.

5.  Can I order with an anonymous/freemail address (such as hotmail.com, yahoo.com, etc)?

Yes, if you do not have another option.  However, it is better to use a normal address as further checks need to be done when a freemail address is used to ensure that is valid.  This means that your order will take much longer to process.

6.  Do I get telephone and e-mail support?

We provide prompt e-mail support and a user forum for all of our programs.  We generally do not provide phone support as we are a small company with largely inexpensive software and cannot afford specialist support staff.  So when you e-mail for support from Xequte you will get a response from the actual developers of the software (who understand the product better than anyone).

7.  Do I get upgrades free?

With your purchase you will get all updates free (for example going from v5.1 to v5.2), you will also generally get upgrades (e.g. going from v5.* to v6.*) free if it is released within six months of your original purchase.  If you have to pay an upgrade fee it will be less than half the cost of your original purchase.

8.  Do you have any customer references?

Certainly, there are a large number of schools, universities, companies, and especially individuals using our software.  We have also done custom work for such companies as Ofoto, Shutterfly and Ceiva.  Please e-mail sales@xequte.com for more details

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