Customer Feedback

I emailed you over PixPlay a couple of times...  I just wanted to tell you that I made a dvd for my grandmothers 75th birthday and EVERYONE LOVED it!   Everyone asked which software I used and I not only told them but emailed them the link to your site...  even my mother who is "computer-illiterate" and even she figured out how to use it!   So that has to tell you how "user-friendly" it is!  I can't tell you how much I love your software!

Kellie Beauregard (Glenburn, ND)

Yesterday posted a query on the message board.  Am amazed at the quick response from yourselves.  Wish all software/hardware support facilities had your customer service - you could teach most a thing or two.  Well Done!

Liz Downs (Sheffield, UK)

Thanks for the update. The hours of pleasure we've had from the programs we've made from PixPlay are innumerable.  Superb software - and you can quote me on that!

Colin Eastwood (Burnley, UK)

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and answer to my question.

Your software has proved indispensable for creating family photo albums to send to relatives that live away, and just for the pure enjoyment of creating lasting gifts for my immediate family and other friends and relatives.   Thank you for a program that is easy to use and has all the attributes necessary for a non-technical person like my husband, as well as the more advanced features that I like to play with.   And also, a big thank you to all those who have assisted you in all your endeavors.

Loretta Richard-Haley (Hatchet Lake, Canada)

Just bought Megaview as an improvement over ACDsee: It loads faster. It's more stable. It's not cluttered with too many features. It is an alternative without a database. The picture quality is a touch sharper and better defined. Hope you don't feel the need to keep adding too much stuff, it's perfect as it is.

Hugh Croft (Netherlands)

I wish ALL of my vendors would respond as you do......Keep up the GREAT work, Nigel!!!

Ted Miller (USA)

Thank you for such a fun program. I am not computer literate and "I DID IT!" This is professional, fun and a great manner to archive photographs in a special presentation.

I already bought one for a gift to be sent. I like this photography program /software the best I have found. It is much better than flip album.

Jean Ann Wheeler (USA)

Just want to give you some real positive feedback. I think Diji Album is great! I have used photo software with my digital camcorder, digital camera, and have tried out about 12-15 various other software packages. Yours is the best one. It is full-functional and easy/intuitive to use. Whether I'm making an album for home use, or distributing to our personal web page, or distributing on CD for friends and family, Diji Album is the answer. Keep up the good work. I look forward to using it for many years.

Eric Black (USA)

I just had to say how much I appreciate your slideshow program, DVD PixPlay. I have experimented with many other programs, and have not found the perfect program. Yours is as close to perfect as they come. (At least as far as I know).

Thanks again. I am thrilled with the program.

Nancy Rorie (Arizona, USA)

Just a comment about your company:
You and your company are probably the easiest and most friendly company on the web. You should get an award for customer service. I don't know how you have time to respond to all the messages you must get. Each time I have asked a question I feel like you have taken the time personally to answer and are really interested.

Thanks again for the way you conduct business. I can only hope I do half as well!

Sandra Q.
The Glow Group (UK)

The more I use your software the more features I discover. Excellent 5 star product for the minimum cost. Certainly a "Best Buy".

Richard Bonin (USA)

Wanted to pass along some feedback that I thought you might enjoy. I made 4 family pictorial history albums and loaded them onto a single CD-ROM. These albums had a total of maybe 200 or 300 scanned-in photos plus numerous voice annotations. I sent a copy off to my cousin and here's his reply:

"Your package came in today's mail and I just got done going through every page of every album. It was like eating peanuts - once I started I couldn't stop. Very professionally done. Thanks for sending it to me. It's a wealth of family history."

Dick Miller (USA)

I want you and your developers to know what satisfaction your product has brought to me and my family. I scanned in a lot of family slides from the 60s and later and created CDs for each of my children for their birthdays. How wonderful to see those old pictures taken with a camera without auto focus displayed on a TV with background music. It's such an easy way to share family memories and well worth the time of scanning and organizing the CD. And the picture quality is even better than that of later pictures digitized on CD by Kodak.

Thank you.

Jessie Weeks (USA)

Always a pleasure to ask your company a question. You must be the only ones in the industry who answer within 24 hours.

Oh yes, temperature here in Southern Nevada, USA today is 111 F.

Thanks again

Jack Irwin (USA)

Many thanks.

I purchased MailList King Pro today. It's a very nicely developed product. I evaluate hundreds of programs, and I find MailList King to be one of the most well-developed programs that I have come across.

Bill Hopwood
Florida Atlantic University

Thank you. I really am enjoying Smart Pix. I've had ACDSee for about 2 years now, and your product has them beat by a mile (or kilometer, if you prefer)!

Joe Fortunato (USA)

Your help has been unbelievable and very much appreciated. The only thing that I can say, is that I do let everyone I talk to know the kind of service you provided me with. I feel sure that not many, if any other companies large or small give such service.

Many many thanks again.

John Lintern (Australia)

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your product Diji album. We searched for months for the best album making software and yours was by far the best one around. It's ease of use means we will not have to spend a great deal of time training our employees on how to maximize the use of the features for our commercial products. Thanks for making such a great tool.

Mike Lombardo
BridalPlan Enterprises LLC

Thanks a lot.  You have always helped me through every step of the way.  I really love EZ-Pix. It is the best.  Thanks again.

Shawn Gallagher

I want to express my gratitude - see attachment.

Leif Asbjxrnsen (Norway)

As usual your service is exceptional

Tim Broderick (Dawsonville, GA)

Thank you! You guys are great. I love this software, and your providing a free upgrade when you don't have to is just unheard of in the software world.

Princeton Alumni

...And second, I just want to let you know what an incredibly cool product this is!  It does exactly everything I need and wanted in a broadcast email product. I had downloaded and tried about 15 others from the Internet before I found yours, and yours it 500% better than anything else I reviewed, and the only one that had all the features I wanted.  So please tell your Engineers - well done!!

Carolyn Dobbin (CD Associates, CA)

You cannot imagine how happy I am.  Your software is the best and the most clever viewer on the market.  It should be highly recommended to the pathologists producing many photos that should be saved, characterized, classified and searchable.  In France, such software are sold about 100 times more expensive.

Patrick A. Dreyfus, M.D., Ph.D.

Of all my expensive graphics software like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc.  there are still things that can only be done easily on my trusty EZ-Pix.


Frank Miele

Nigel, You are amazing.  I hope you know how much I appreciate your prompt attention to my problems.  Don't be surprised if you get more business after I distribute this album to all the nieces and nephews etc.  Thanks so much.

Barbara Pogue

Thanks for the info.  I really appreciate it.  I really enjoy your products and what I can do with them...  My wife did a Christmas 'Card' on CD this past year.  She had pictures of our kids from the year set to music and then added some video in there so everyone could see us say Merry Christmas.  It was a real hit!

Neil Weidner

Smart Pix Manager is the BEST VALUE piece of software I have ever used.  I have been using it now for about 2-3 months and I continue to be amazed at how good it is.  It is feature rich (so much so that I haven't fully explored it yet!), fast and reliable.  It is also intuitive and a pleasure to work with.  I cannot believe that this GREAT piece of software cost me a measly $39.50.

I rarely fall in love with software, but I think I am in love with Smart Pix Manager.

Brian Clarkson (Australia)

First let me say that after dealing with you on several occasions, I am certainly glad that I chose Xequte's software! Wow! A company that actually cares about their users and asks for their input! What a GREAT concept! Too bad so many others don't share your philosophy!

Michael Gunderson

By the way... did I tell you guys that I just love your software!  It is easy to use and it does just what I want!. 


Thank you very much. I just plugged in the new code and everything is fine now.  I wanted to tell you that you have a great program here, My wife and I are amateur photographers and yours is the best program that we have used, that's no lie. Thanks again.

Scott and Doris OBrien (Salem, MA)

Thanks.  In this day and age it is great to come across such superior customer service.

Steve (USA)

Thank you for a fine program. I just used your software to catalog over 325 photos I restored for my wife's family, and distributed them on more than 60 CDs - the disks are the centerpiece of the project. I'm looking forward to the upgrade.

John Stanton (USA)

BTW... I just love this program. I am using it to put my son's school year book on cd. His school is small and could never afford the cost of a typical school year book. We have only 23 students and this program seems to fit our needs.

John (USA)

I appreciate the product I purchased from you as well as your company's great service. I have been using ez-pix for quite sometime now and I really enjoy the product and the fact that I have been treated so well. Thank you.

Dean Stevens (USA)

Tried The Shareware Version Of SMART PIX And Found It To Be The Best Product Available.

THANKS again for your response.  Mark me down as a Very satisfied customer!

Marjorie Priser (USA)

Thank you for the very quick response.  I continue to be impressed with the Smart Pix product, and the support is second to none.

Thanks again.

Rick (USA)

After purchasing a digital camera, my hard drive soon became swamped with all sorts of pictures. Smart Pix is exactly what I needed, now that I reached 600+ family photos.

Guido Schlabitz (USA)

I really love smart pix; i mean i really do. good job guys. 

James P Bivona (USA)

Thanks for all the great service and the excellent program!! 

Michael Walters (USA)

It's one heck of a program at any price 

Herb Steiner (USA)

I have a database of some 40,000 images. Thanks for an excellent product and for the additional features in V3.0. 

Mike MacDonald (USA)

I think you are really good because you have dedication to your product and make sure that it works right. I do appreciate all the help you have given me in the past and hope you do well in the future. 

Gary (USA)

Best product I have seen in a long time. 

Richard Nelson (USA)

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this application. I use it a lot and I appreciate the new facilities in V4. 

Brian Reynolds (South Africa)

Thank you for your prompt response and excellent customer support. Oh yeah, and thanks for your kick-@!$ product. 

Keep Up the Good Work

Tom Reilly (USA)

Once again thanks for a brilliant product in Smart Pix Manager, don't know how i worked without it. 

Many Thanks 

Russell Gronow (USA)

Thanks, Nigel! And keep up the good work, you've got an excellent program! 

Robert Compier (USA)

Smart pix is the best image manager that I have ever found. 

Anthony Stone (USA)

Thanks again for the quick response and support and also a great product.

Ron Huisinga (USA)

Thank you very much for the information and prompt response on a weekend!

This is customer service at it's best and I rarely find it on the internet. Thanks so much again. 

Roland Shiota (USA)

Clearly, you have done such a good job with your software because you are so responsive to users! EZ-pix is the best shareware I have found, and far superior to your direct and more expensive competitor.

Gary Faigin (Australia)

And last but not least, I reckon Smart Pix is the best graphics program by far :-)!

Robert Kompier (USA)

Thanks again for the good work. I've been looking for something like Smart Pix for a while and gone through a lot of programs. I'm glad I found it.

Steve Harhai (USA)

Thanks very much for the prompt reply - I'm glad to see their ARE companies out there who understand the importance of good customer service on-line!

Mark Stradling (London, UK)

Many thanks for your prompt reply last evening and yes, it worked. Amazing what can be done when one knows what to do.  By the way, could I just say that yours must be the only company that appears to treat their clients as people. Your relationship with us out here seems to be a one on one - all too infrequent in others in this computer mad world. Many thanks for that.

David Wall (New Zealand)

I can't begin to tell you how useful and important a tool Smart Pix has become to designing web pages and managing my collection of textures and images for 3D design work.

Your rapid inclusion of end user requests is nothing short of phenomenal. I would certainly count Smart Pix as one of my top 10 most useful programs that I use at the studio.

As a Graphics designer, I certainly appreciate your outstanding work. 

Anyway, keep up the good work. Your efforts never cease to impress me! 

Steve Rogers (USA)

I should also add that your software (Smart Pix Manager) is streets ahead of any competitors that I saw.


Simon (UK)

Thanks for your help! I really like your application (MailList King), I've looked for and used several with disappointment.

Dan (UK)

I am writing to express how impressed I am with your piece of software and your customer service.

I wasn't expecting a reply to my comment but am thrilled, not only with the quick response but one that actually answered my comment.  Very rare in today's society.

Very happy customer!

Gordon Tye
IT Systems Assistant Manager

I would like to offer immense praise for Smart Pix Manager! I have recently been trying out MANY image management programs including some very expensive ones. So often these programs seem little more than glorified picture viewers with little to offer in the way of genuine management utilities. However, I have been quite stunned by Smart Pix Manager. I have a large image collection, yet already I have been able to create a meaningful database. I find the program wonderfully intuitive, and have not even run the tutorial or had to seek help from within the program! One of the best features, for myself, is that a single 'right click' brings up so many features and possibilities. Building up a database can be a tedious task, but with Smart Pix Manager I have to admit to enjoying the process! For what this program does, the price is quite amazing. I await v5.6 with anticipation. As an end note, I rarely send feedback to developers. I have felt compelled to this time!

Thanks again!

Baz Collins (UK)

Dear Nigel,
I would like to Personally THANK YOU,for your TRUE INTEREST in your Customers !
I have Honestly *NEVER* before received an email,from a software Co, "BEFORE" either my Installation, or prior to ME Writing First ! That is SO KIND of you !

Again, please allow me to offer my Happiness and Enjoyments, toward your Co, as you Certainly seem to CARE about your Customers !!!

Super Best Wishes,

Donna (USA)

Just to let you know I'm still using your EZ-Pix software for all my slideshow presentations across the US and Sydney and have never seen such easy-to-use rock-solid and reliable software anywhere...and it's lightning fast.

I've been in the programming business for many years and have participated in beta-testing of many products and believe me, I can break ANYTHING....except EZ-Pix. It's very refreshing to see a software package today that has actually been thoroughly tested and is bug-free. (Maybe I've been dealing with Microsoft software for too long, so this comes as quite a shock to me).

I don't know if you recall from my last email how I was running EZ-Pix on a local machine and pulling the images from a remote drive across the network. Images were being downloaded to the remote drive from several digital cameras while Ez-Pix was running and the network was a bit flaky, yet Ez-Pix still displayed the slideshow without a glitch.

I've recommended it to everyone I come into contact with and will continue to do so. Today I'll be downloading the new version because I see a few new Web features that will prove to be quite useful for me.

Thanks again for the great work!

Harry Frankford (USA)

I have done business with Xequte for some time and have always thought very highly of the programs they have developed.

Recently, I had occasion to request some special modifications to Smart Image Server. First, I found the price to be VERY reasonable and the delivery time excellent.

There were a few bumps in the road, as there are with any developing software (BETA testing means "Back up EVERYTHING-Trouble ahead")

I was very happy with Mr. Cross's patience in dealing with me (I'm hardware not software) and his quick responses to the emails I sent. The best part was that he was not satisfied until I was satisfied. My major professional responsibility is customer satisfaction and I do it well. It was a pleasure to work with someone who values his customers as highly as he does. I recommend him highly.

This is an unsolicited testimonial, by the way.

Thank you..

Phill Mayer

Dear Nigel,

Thank you for your prompt response and ready assistance.

I am truly impressed and delighted with all my software: spm - amaze - diji.

SPM is a masterpiece, and the tools a work of art. ( I should know, In an unending quest for a good photo editor I think I have downloaded and evaluated every program known to windows; 95-98-XP. I love everything about the software; from its bonnie blue icon to its uncluttered, fresh and clean, as are the Xequte webpages .....what a joy!

Needless to say, I wish you and the Xequte team continued success and the best of everything in all your endeavors.

Mary (USA)

May I compliment you on Smart Pix. Having just purchased the software less than an hour ago, I've managed to catalogue over 1500 images with keywords on each (thanks to the folder description feature).

More importantly, the fact that I can view thumbs of my CD collection without having the CD is a dream.

I'm looking forward to discovering some more in-depth features and so far have found the program intuitive and clearly laid out.

Thanks for a great piece of software,

Will Baker (UK)


First and foremost, because I hate other programs (and programmers) so much. I just got back from Costa Rica, a very cool, hip, and techie place.  BUT, I got a CD from Procomer, an important government agency which sent that CD all over to world to Chambers of Commerce.  That CD did not work in my laptop, did not work on a computer there at Procomer, and it froze up my desktop computer.  Diji Album never-never-never does that.

Second, Diji Album always works.  At Procomer I showed a CD we created which contained 10 Diji Albums.  All 10 worked. Procomer's CD didn't work in the computer of the director of the legal department (who is also my attorney) I'll bet that CD cost them big bucks.

Third Diji Album always looks great.


Elsa Garcia (Mexico)

I thought that I would take a minute and let you know just how much I appreciate your software and the excellent support that I have gotten over the years from your company.  I was really surprised when I updated my version 4. software to 4.01 and it was flawless.  Didn't have to make one change to anything in the albums.   I tell people all the time that they can't get a better album anywhere for such a reasonable price.  The new features are outstanding and so are the albums I produce.  Many of them are from retirement, going away, and birthday parties that I attended.  Imagine their joy when I hand them all the photos I took on a cd in a classic album, with music, and my favorite... those thought and speech bubbles... As long as you produce this album I will be upgrading.  Thanks for a superb product that doesn't break the bank.

James Thrower (USA)