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MailList King
Email Mailing List Management Software
Windows 11 - 10 - 8 - 7 - Vista
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MailList King Main Window MailList King Main Window
The main window provides access to the members of your mailing list and allows you to select groups or filter by such fields as country, state, company, new users, those who read the last mailer, etc.
Sending Mail to your Mailing List Sending Mail to your Mailing List
MailList King allows you to send plain text or rich text (HTML) messages to your entire mailing list or a selection filtered by group, country, insertion date, etc.  Messages can also be personalized with a recipient's name, company, custom text, etc.
Four Sending Methods Four Sending Methods
MailList King offers four sending methods including blazingly fast multi-threaded SMTP, a built-in SMTP Server to send directly to your recipients without using the servers of your ISP, or send via your favorite e-mail software
Send SMS Messages to Mobile Phones Send SMS Messages to Mobile Phones
You can also rapidly deliver personalized SMS messages to members in your mailing list with mobile phones
Verification of Email Addresses Verification of Email Addresses
Silently verify that the email addresses in your mailing list are valid and still available                                    
Outlook Contacts Synchronization Outlook Contacts Synchronization
Automatically synchronize your mailing list with Outlook Contacts (Shown: An optional confirmation dialog allowing selection of the action for each changed contact)
Graphs and Statistics Graphs and Statistics
MailList King offers a variety of graphs and statistics to allow you to review the status and trends of your groups and members
Microsoft Outlook Toolbar Microsoft Outlook Toolbar
MailList King can integrate into Outlook for quick forwarding of messages to your mailing list, as well as processing of messages and contact for addition to groups

MailList King can also integrate with other e-mail software (though without toolbar support)

Retrieval of addresses from your e-mail software Retrieval of addresses from your e-mail software
MailList King can access your e-mail software to retrieve addresses from contacts and the header, body and attachments of messages
Auto-Responders Auto-Responders
Automatically reply to common messages or web submissions with personalized responses
Campaign Creator Campaign Creator
Create full campaigns to deliver a series of messages with automatic cancelling and resending
Mailing List Member Details Mailing List Member Details
MailList King stores all address and mailing list details for your group members.  You can also create your own custom fields.  A full history is available for each member
Support for User Sending Support for User Sending
Optional discussion list functionality allows members of your mailing list to send messages to your groups
Double Opt-In and Opt-Out Double Opt-In and Opt-Out
Meeting the requirements of European legislation, MailList King optionally requires that the subscription (or removal) of addresses to your mailing list need to be confirmed by an e-mail reply
Stationery Stationery
Use stationery and HTML templates to build stylish newsletters and powerful promotional material
Processing of Delivery Failure Messages Processing of Delivery Failure Messages
MailList King automatically processes delivery failure messages ("Bounces") and can remove an invalid address after a certain number of bounces
Processing of Web Submission Messages Processing of Web Submission Messages
If you use web submission forms on your site to retrieve customer details, MailList King can automatically processes the submission messages and input them into your database
Acknowledgment and Welcome Messages Acknowledgment and Welcome Messages
Other management features include automatic sending of acknowledgments when users subscribe, unsubscribe or modify their e-mail address, and welcome messages when users first join your mailing list
Importing and Exporting Importing and Exporting
Mailing list data can be imported and exported from/to other programs using text, CSV, Excel, Access and other files, or directly via ADO or ODBC.  Outlook and Windows contacts can also be imported and exported.


Buy MailList King Now! Download a free evaluation