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v13.0 Top Ten New Features

1 Picture Toolbar

New Picture Toolbar offering a wide range of editing functions, including rotation, cropping, alignment and borders and even image effects like soft shadows

Picture Toolbar

2 Image Conversion and Optimization

Added support for all common image formats which are automatically converted and resized for faster sending

Image Conversion and Optimization

3 Clip Art

200 Clip art files are now included and available to beautify your messages

Insert Clip Art

4 Background Editor

New background editor allows you to create custom backgrounds for your messages as well as choose from a large selection of texture files

Background Editor

5 Message Tracking

Now offers a variety of methods to track which members respond or "click-thru" to the messages you send, and allows you to visualize and filter with this data

Message Tracking

6 Enhanced Sending Task Dialog

Many improvements to Sending Task Properties including display of respondents and new recipient functions

Enhanced Sending Task Dialog

7 Toolbar in Outlook 2013 32 and 64 bit

Our toolbar now works in all versions of Outlook, even 64bit!

Toolbar in Outlook 2013 32 and 64 bit

8 Multiple Web Form Schemas

Now you can process web form messages from unlimited sources even if they all use different layouts

Multiple Web Form Schemas

9 Sending Detail Mode

A display mode has been added to display your sending volume overtime including undeliverable and response counts

10 Update Contacts by Import

A new import option allows you to change properties of your contacts by importing the new details from an Excel or other file


Complete Change History

  • Added: When importing you can now choose to update details only
  • Added: Toolbar now appears in Outlook 2013 32 and 64bit, as well as Outlook 2010 64bit
  • Added: Now supports all image formats and converts them as required
  • Added: Can now optimize large images for faster sending
  • Added: Many options for configuration of image insertion
  • Added: Open dialog displays preview of image to insert
  • Added: Can now specify a password to use when logging into your email software using Extra advanced options
  • Removed: Deprecated Profile dialog and settings
  • Added: Converts image filenames that can be problematic when embedded
  • Added: Picture toolbar
  • Added: Button to optimize image sizes by reducing them to their display size
  • Added: Buttons to reset the image to their display size or original aspect ratio
  • Added: Much better progress for some slow tasks like generating birthday greetings and reminders
  • Added: Much more accurate progress during a repair
  • Fixed: Database size may show incorrectly in Optimize dialog
  • Fixed: Bulk update of group membership may not fully subscribe members to all specified groups
  • Added: Button to align an image
  • Added: Button to apply border to an image
  • Added: Buttons to rotate and flip images
  • Added: Cropping of images
  • Added: Many image color editing and effect functions, including soft shadow
  • Added: Can now browse and insert clip art into your messages, including 200 images that are included
  • Fixed: Message content may be lost when changing stationery
  • Fixed: May not be prompted to save changes when exiting Acknowledgement editing dialog
  • Added: Now includes many texture images
  • Added: Can now create custom backgrounds for your messages
  • Added: New texture selector lets your browse for textures for your message background
  • Added: Now allows insertion of texture backgrounds in Outlook compatible style
  • Added: Multiple web form message formats are now supported
  • Added: Can now launch a search for a member in Outlook
  • Added: Doubled length of company field
  • Added: New commands for better message read and click tracking: ProcessRead and ProcessResponse
  • Added: Following command can now be used for web forms: ProcessResponse, ProcessRead
  • Added: Can now filter members my last message sent, respondents and reads of messages
  • Added: New Member columns: Last response date, response count, Last Message Sent
  • Added: New Sending Task columns: Undeliverable count, Response rate
  • Added: Can now specify different POP and SSL SMTP options
  • Added: Now only increments member activity counts once per hour
  • Added: Four new custom filters to find members who have responded to sent messages (click thrus)
  • Added: In sending log can instantly display all responses from message
  • Added: Statistics now show the number of responses
  • Added: New options to allow you to treat certain actions as responses (e.g. subscribes to certain groups)
  • Changed: Statistics now only show undeliverables that cause removals
  • Added: Statistics now show count of admin deletions
  • Added: Now has sending detail mode that shows all sending counts, undeliverables and responses
  • Fixed: Navigation buttons may be unnecessarily disabled in statistics modes
  • Added: Database properties now shows max deletion and response counts
  • Added: Can now display the a bar graph showing the success of a sending task
  • Added: Sending task properties now displays the response count
  • Added: New member functions, record sending result as undeliverable, read message, or response received
  • Added: Sending Task Properties dialog now automatically updates counts upon opening for smaller tasks
  • Added: New button in Sending Task Properties dialog to updates counts for large tasks
  • Added: Backup now also backs up the configuration files
  • Fixed: Some controls may not enable for recipients in sending task properties
  • Added: In sending task properties dialog you can now mark recipients as undeliverable, read message or received response
  • Added: In sending task properties dialog you can now copy a recipient selection or view a member's properties
  • Added: In sending task properties dialog the recipients grid now has a right-click menu
  • Added: Can now unsubscribe members from the sending task properties dialog
  • Fixed: Status issue for some controls in History modes
  • Fixed: Some toolbars abbreviate unnecessarily
  • Added: More robust conversion of MSX address to email address when synchronizing


V13.01 Change History

  • Fixed: May get error using MLK toolbar in Outlook to send
  • Added: Better method for initiating Send/Receive in Outlook 2010/2013
  • Added: Shift+Alt+X in message editor will strip all double lines
  • Added: Better at cleaning HTML from Microsoft Word
  • Added: Horizontal lines of various styles can be added


V13.02 Change History

  • Added: New suffixes for personalization fields to force upper, lower or title case
  • Added: Redesign of splash/about screen
  • Fixed: Warning about recipient table when opening an automated task
  • Fixed: Much improvement in unsubscribing all addresses when duplicates are permitted


V13.03 Change History

  • Fixed: Progress may remain visible in status bar after processing
  • Fixed: Possible A/V when connecting to MLK remotely
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking "New Email" after installing Windows Update KB3003057


V14.0 Change History

  • Added: Windows 10 Compatibility


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