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 some subscribers receiving in Chinese letters

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
ellenfinkl Posted - Apr 02 2009 : 08:20:05
3 people (one of them twice) have e-mailed me that they received the newsletter in Chinese (or some Oriental language) characters! No one else has had this problem, as far as I know.

Here's part of it. What could cause this?


Can't read this!

From: Ellen Finkelstein []
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 7:19 PM
To: Mailing List
Subject: PowerPoint Tips Newsletter: (03/08 issue)

20   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
xequte Posted - Dec 14 2009 : 12:52:02

1. On the message sending toolbar click the "Edit" button (in v6 this looks like a pencil and pad).
2. Click "Encoding"
3. Select "Western European (Windows)"

Xequte Software
stoutFound Posted - Dec 12 2009 : 12:55:09
I have this exact problem. Where exactly do I find this "Western European (Windows)" setting so I can modify my settings? I have version 6.28r. Will someone give me step by step where I can find this setting?

Thank you.
xequte Posted - Nov 01 2009 : 14:23:43

Yes, Automatic would use your HTML encoding anyway, which is "Western European (Windows)" which is what is used for English.

Xequte Software
yvonner Posted - Nov 01 2009 : 03:54:26

Yes, it sticks. Is this OK - the right encoding to get rid of the funny characters?


xequte Posted - Oct 30 2009 : 02:36:30
Hi Yvonne

OK, if you set encoding to Western European (Windows) does it stick?

Xequte Software
yvonner Posted - Oct 29 2009 : 23:05:30

It says "Override the default character set with: windows-1252".


xequte Posted - Oct 29 2009 : 00:19:49
Hi Yvonne

Hmmm, that is very strange. When you click Ctrl+ALt+L in the message editor what character set is reported?

Xequte Software
yvonner Posted - Oct 26 2009 : 17:57:16

I don't use stationery. I create html from a database script and paste it in. Before I've done the pasting (i.e. blank message window), encoding is set to "default" - afterwards the same thing. Don't know if this is relevant, but the installation before the hardware crash where the setting stuck was an upgrade from V6. Now it's a clean install for V7.32r.


xequte Posted - Oct 26 2009 : 13:24:09

Can you confirm whether the encoding sticks prior to your loading the stationery?

You can email the stationery to

Xequte Software
stoutFound Posted - Oct 26 2009 : 13:18:56
There is nothing in the content when first open. However, later on we did load in the stationary.

Where do I email the stationary?
xequte Posted - Oct 26 2009 : 13:13:15
Hi Yvonne and StoutFound,

When you first open the "Send Message" window, is there any existing content in it, e.g. stationery and/or a signature?

If you are using a stationery file, please email it to me.

Xequte Software
stoutFound Posted - Oct 23 2009 : 05:36:59
What do you mean by "Try modifying the character set in the HTML file"? We copy and paste from ether MS Word or from Outlook email.
yvonner Posted - Oct 22 2009 : 21:30:20
Current Version: 7.32R

I had this problem last year and upgraded to V7. After a hardware failure last week, I have re-installed 7.32R and the "funny" character problem came back. I had forgotten that encoding has to be "Automatic". But I can't make it stick - each time I send a message, I have to change "Default" to "Automatic". Before the hardware crash I was not doing this. I can't find an option to do this - either in "Options" or the hidden options file. How to get "Automatic" to be the default?


xequte Posted - Oct 22 2009 : 14:18:02

V6 won't change the encoding that is used in a loaded HTML file. Try modifying the character set in the HTML file and reloading it.

Otherwise you might want to upgrade to the latest version:

Xequte Software
stoutFound Posted - Oct 22 2009 : 05:30:38
I believed so. I am able to check the US ASCII though but not the one you've suggested above.
xequte Posted - Oct 22 2009 : 01:23:19

What is the source of your message, e.g. did you load it from an HTML file?

Xequte Software
stoutFound Posted - Oct 21 2009 : 12:42:21
I have version 6.28. I tried what you said but it didn't work. After I've selected the "Western European (Windows)", I went back into the pencil and pad icon and look at it again and there is no check mark next to the "Western European (Windows)" option. Any suggestion?
xequte Posted - Jun 09 2009 : 21:19:44
Hi Boyd

The issue is caused by Exchange servers at the recipients end. I.e. affected users will see odd characters if they are using Microsoft Exchange without the latest hot fix and you have not explicitly set the character set.

This issue only occurs with HTML messages, so should not be seeing the issue with plain text messages.

The fix is to explicitly set the character set of your outgoing messages (if they are HTML), including your automated ones.

Xequte Software
electricwind Posted - Jun 09 2009 : 12:59:17
I'm having this problem, too, although I had attributed it to clients' ISP errors, since it seemed intermittent. Now, I'm realizing it's MLK, so now I am on this thread.

All autoresponders report "default" as the character set, although there is no way I can find to edit what the "default" is. I noticed there is no option to set the character set in plain text messages.

I did notice that this started happening suddenly, as if something had changed somewhere else, because I made no changes to my mailing systems or protocols.

I've been using MLK Ver. 6.28 without a problem for a couple of years now. So, this seems like a program response to new conditions among servers, maybe?

I noticed that not everyone receives their messages in "chinese," so I suspect that MLK is somehow sending messages without some sort of new requirement on some POP3 servers. Maybe Exchange upgrades??

xequte Posted - Apr 28 2009 : 14:06:32
Hi Douggg

You can use UTF-8 to cover the use of Unicode encoding, but realistically in the English speaking world we only use a very limited set of characters and our character set is "Western European (Windows)"

Note also that when you load an HTML file, MLK will automatically use the encoding specified in the file. So if you create your messages in an HTML Editor then MLK will use whatever is the default encoding for that app (after loading the file, review the checked option under View>Encoding).

Xequte Software