Text Lightning, Power Tools for Microsoft Outlook          
History of
Text Lightning
Power Tools for Microsoft Outlook

Text Lightning v4.0

  • Added: Now compatible with Outlook 2016
  • Added: Now supports 64bit versions of Outlook
  • Added: New button graphics
  • Added: Better support for non-ANSI character sets
  • Added: Now natively supports Excel XLSX for importing and exporting


Text Lightning v3.30

  • Added: Now compatible with Windows 10
  • Fixed: Recently Used may be offered as a destination folder
  • Added: Recent folder can be disabled
  • Fixed: Cannot edit items in Recent folder
  • Fixed: Other minor fixes and improvements


Text Lightning v3.20

  • Fixed: Crash when opening editor due to Windows Update KB3003057
  • Added: Now shows a list of recently used Quick text items
  • Added: New field that prompts to specify text
  • Added: Much better theme color matching
  • Added: Can now display a large product selector


Text Lightning v3.10

  • Added: New graphics
  • Fixed: Workaround for some Outlook 2013 quirks
  • Added: Close searches button if multiple Outlook search windows are being used


Text Lightning v3.01

  • Added: When searches are output to Outlook you can now specify whether to create a new search window, use the existing, or maintain a secondary search window


Text Lightning v3.0

  • Added: Now supports Outlook 2013 (32 bit only)
  • Added: More explicit database saving
  • Added: Can set background color
  • Added: Can now create new products on the fly
  • Added: Paste from Clipboard field
  • Changed: No longer prompts on start up to visit site for new versions
  • Fixed: No longer get illegal characters as default text
  • Added: Can now change the subject automatically when inserting quick text


Text Lightning v2.0

  • Added: Now supports Outlook 2010 (32 bit only)
  • Added: New database engine
  • Fixed: Problems searching for contacts containing ampersands
  • Added: Quick selection of items in product list
  • Changed: Now free
  • Fixed: Permanent delete may not work
  • Added: New option to auto focus message body after Quick Text insertion
  • Added: Default font sizes for inserted HTML
  • Added: Automatically checks for embedded HTTP references in HTML
  • Fixed: Case and text issue when importing products
  • Added: Can control whether TXL filters by products when text searching
  • Added: New option to only search for one product per email
  • Added: Now selects a Quick Text by default if it the subject matches the search text
  • Added: Now remembers the Quick Text that we use for each search


Text Lightning v1.05

  • Added: Automatically creates unknown products when importing
  • Fixed: When importing products may not be encoded correctly for filtering
  • Fixed: Strange wrapping of filter when importing
  • Fixed: Can get error when insert HTML only item


Text Lightning v1.04

  • Fixed: Assertion error with misspelled words


Text Lightning v1.03

  • Fixed: Divide by Zero error
  • Fixed: Created unnecessary temp folders


Text Lightning v1.02

  • Changed: Now Quick Text controls are themed
  • Removed: Shift + Del shortcut
  • Added: Can now find sender using Outlook search (Outlook 2007 only)
  • Changed: No longer displays registration info on start up


Text Lightning v1.01

  • Fixed: Error that can occur during installation
  • Fixed: Other minor issues