ISP Sending Limits

The following table outlines the limits imposed by each ISP. Note: while this information is accurate at the time of writing, it should only be used as a guideline and you should contact your ISP to confirm the information is still accurate.

If you find these limits to restrictive for the size of your mailing list you will need to use the internal or alternative server.

Sending Limit The rate at which you can send your messages via your ISP.  You should ensure your ISP Limit settings (under File > Options, ISP Limits) allow you to stay under this.
Max Recipients per Message The number of destination email addresses that can be added to each message. If you are not sending separate messages to each recipient, ensure your BCC recipient count is well under this under File > Options, Sending)
Max Message Size The total size of your message including all attachments and embedded images.  But realistically speaking you should consider 2MB to the be absolute maximum size of an email you would send to a recipient that you don't know personally

ISP Sending Limit Max Recipients per Message Max Message Size  
AOL 500 recipients per connection 100 16MB More Information
AT&T Yahoo!   100 20MB More Information
Charter 50 recipients per hour   10MB More Information
Comcast 1000 recipients per day   10MB More Information
Cox     10MB More Information
Earthlink 1000 recipients per day     More Information
Gmail 500 recipients per day 500 10MB More Information
Lycos 250 emails per day 25   More Information
MSN Hotmail 100 recipients per day   10MB More Information
Road Runner 1000 recipients per day   5MB More Information
Verizon 500 recipients per hour 100 2MB More Information
Yahoo Online Mail 100 recipients per hour   10MB More Information


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