History of
Smart Pix Manager
Photo and Multimedia Management Software

v9.* Top 20 Enhancements:
1. New date search makes it much simpler to display all photos taken in a particular month, year or date range
2. Motion Effects are now available to add interest to your slideshows
3. Now supports one-click camera acquisition: Once Smart Pix knows your preferred settings it can retrieve all of the photos from a camera with a single click
4. Many improvements to the Camera/Scanner Acquisition Wizard including more powerful naming options and maintaining of all preferred settings
5. Various improvements to the Slideshow Disk Creation wizard including support for motion effects and optional buttons for printing, launching a web page or sending an email
6. Adobe Photoshop PSD images (single and multi-layer) are now supported for loading and saving
7. New database filter allows you to just display files from a selected folder and/or its sub-folders
8. Now remembers all of your database filter settings and maintains them even when you restart. Less frequently used filters are also hidden by default
9. New advanced batch renaming options including appending of seconds, changing of date order and inclusion of the original filename
10. Improvements to duplicate file checking including easy selection of the which duplicate to delete
11. Much faster in various areas due to powerful caching functionality and optimized image loading
12. Can now view and capture all frames of WMV, AVI and MPEG videos even if very large
13. Now favorites file lists can be saved as text files or relative link lists
14. Support is now included for many more EXIF fields including GPS Latitude and Longitude
15. Improved IPTC support with saving of Keywords and automatic display of the embedded IPTC description if a custom description has not been assigned
16. Added support for RAW formats from many newer cameras and less common TIFF formats
17. The File Information dialog can now be resized (and its size is remembered)
18. When hovering the mouse over a file thumbnail full details on the file are displayed
19. Added new crop ratios: 3½ × 5" Photo, 6 x 8" Photo and widescreen (16:9)
20. Various styling improvements particularly under Windows XP

Complete Change List:

  • Fixed: Clicking Clear in the DB filter dialog may not reset the File Extension filter
  • Fixed: Buttons in Background music dialog can be off screen on large font systems
  • Added: Now when turning on slideshow captions, it always checks that a caption type is enabled
  • Fixed: Out of memory error that can occur when zooming a selected image
  • Added: Keyword items in right-click menu when grouped are always sorted
  • Added: Optimized loading of PNG images
  • Added: Better support for TIFF (JPEG compressed) images saved using Windows 98/2000 Imaging software
  • Added: Now can read ZIP (ZimpLevel) compressed TIFF images
  • Added: New EXIF fields: ExposureMode, WhiteBalance, DigitalZoomRatio, FocalLengthIn35mmFilm, SceneCaptureType, GainControl, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, SubjectDistanceRange, GPSLatitudeDegrees, GPSLongitudeDegrees
  • Changed: Hints are now not displayed as long
  • Fixed: May not display updated dimensions for an image after it is modified in another application
  • Fixed: Dimensions (file info) cache may not be saved between sessions
  • Changed: No longer saves modified dates to disk cache
  • Changed: Now hides the Window menu unless multiple windows are open
  • Fixed: Some dates may display as GMT rather than local time
  • Fixed: Video dimensions may not display in full details mode
  • Fixed: Text file length may not display in full details mode
  • Fixed: When editing keywords from within the File Information dialog, the dialog is hidden when editing finishes
  • Changed: Flat Style File grid option now controlled by the UI setting
  • Added: New option: Remember last used Color Effects settings
  • Fixed: If frequently change the image selection shape the selection may not show
  • Changed: Improved layout of advanced options
  • Fixed: When setting the file date it may set it to GMT rather than local time
  • Added: Now displays a warning if setting a file date older than pre-computers (which can cause problems reading the file by some programs)
  • Changed: By default it the thumbnail cache is limited to 2500 thumbnails
  • Fixed: Cursors in overwrite confirmation dialog shows as crosshairs
  • Added: Now displays progress on the status bar during slow editing operations
  • Added: Now completely plays multimedia files, even if they have bad VBR headers
  • Changed: When rotating images is now always updates the embedded EXIF rotation flag
  • Fixed: When adding files of all possible extensions to the database, folder references may be added as files
  • Fixed: Dimensions may not display in Dimensions column for some plug-in formats
  • Changed: Improved layout of frame captions in video frame display window
  • Changed: Tightened text displayed when hovering over controls
  • Added: Now can display JPEG images even if they have corrupt digital camera fields
  • Changed: Improved formatting of keyword lists copied to the clipboard
  • Changed: Print and Copy buttons in Edit Keywords and File Info dialogs are now hidden when using Simplified UI
  • Changed: Now Image and Multimedia menus are hidden if that file type is not being viewed
  • Changed: Improved layout of the main menu
  • Changed: Updated splash screen
  • Changed: Improved layout and wording of transition effects dialog
  • Changed: Default size of database cache is 500 records
  • Removed: Option: Display Source Folders in the Quick Move/Copy Tool
  • Changed: Always load GIF's on demand in case they are animated
  • Fixed: Items may be disabled under the Thumbnail menu even if items are selected
  • Fixed: "Not" button may appear when not relevant if resize search panel
  • Changed: Always adds file date keywords, but hides them if they are disabled
  • Changed: Decreased the frequency with which many tips may show
  • Added: Improved styling of keyword tree lists
  • Added: Date searching: Now much simpler to display files of a particular month, year or date range
  • Added: Now can read and write Adobe Photoshop PSD images with single and multiple layers
  • Added: Now supports many more EXIF fields including GPS Latitude and Longitude
  • Added: Now displays full details of a file when hovering the mouse over its thumbnail
  • Added: Much faster in various areas due to powerful caching functionality
  • Added: Now can specify motion effects for slideshows
  • Added: Button to enable/disable motion effects to the slideshow toolbar
  • Added: Can now specify motion effects to use for created slideshow disks
  • Added: Now can view and capture all frames of WMV, AVI and MPEG videos even if very large
  • Added: Spin controls are now always themed under XP
  • Added: Now a print button can be added to slideshow disks you create
  • Fixed: Some Raw format files not loading
  • Added: 3½ × 5" Photo, 6 x 8" Photo and widescreen (16:9) Crop ratios in the Crop dialog
  • Added: New thumbnail storage option, unlimited thumbnail storage
  • Added: When batch renaming you can now include the original filename
  • Added: When batch renaming you can now append the seconds to the time
  • Added: When batch renaming you can now insert the date before the text
  • Changed: Duplicate file checking functionality is now available in the unregistered version
  • Changed: Duplicate file checking now enabled by default
  • Added: When removing duplicates you can now choose which of two duplicates to delete
  • Added: The File Information dialog can now be resized (and its size is remembered)
  • Added: Can now hide less frequently used filters on the Filter dialog
  • Added: Can now filter database searches by folders
  • Added: One-click automated retrieval of images from a camera/scanner
  • Added: Now remembers your preferred folder and all other settings in Camera wizard
  • Added: More powerful rename options when acquiring images in Camera wizard
  • Added: New date format options for save folder when using the camera wizard
  • Added: Now when exporting the Description to the embedded IPTC fields it also outputs the keywords
  • Added: Displays the IPTC (Photoshop) description for a file if a custom description has not been assigned
  • Added: Now favorites file lists can be saved as text files or files lists relative to the current folder
  • Changed: now always uses optimized image loading when displaying a slideshow
  • Added: Now all DB filter settings are remembered
  • Added: Filter remains enabled even when restarting Smart Pix Manager
  • Added: Now changes the display and hint for the Filter button to reflect filtering status
  • Added: New option to add buttons to display a web page or send an email in slideshow disks that you create

v9.01 Modifications

  • Added: If create a date group it ensures the Date folder is displayed
  • Added: Now digitally signs the application and installation
  • Fixed: Error the first time the software is run under Vista
  • Added: Ctrl+P toggles playback of a sound file for WMP compatibility
  • Added: Now adds date keywords for example files
  • Added: Hides Play button in BG Music dialog if space is not available
  • Added: Now truncates long paths in the Reference Deletion dialog
  • Added: Another lightning example image
  • Changed: Now uses Tahoma font throughout the UI
  • Changed: No longer uses Windows animations that are unsupported by Vista
  • Changed: Restyled application with Office XP style group boxes and unbeveled windows
  • Added: Many more animations used in the application

Version 8 Release Information