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Photo and Video Slideshow Creation Software

v7.0 Top Ten New Features
1. PC and DVD+PC formats now available for multiple slideshow disks

Create PC and DVD format multiple slideshows disks

2. Labels and DVD buttons offer drop shadows, bordered text and can be rotated to any angle

Rotate text to any angle

3. Images added to title pages can now be locked to their aspect ratio and include a colored border

Add borders to your images

4. More powerful project properties with slideshow looping and stretching to audio available even when previewing

Stretching slideshow to match length of audio

5. Improved New Project wizard including creation of title pages from your own images
6. Revamped Multiple Slideshow Disk wizard
7. 35 new DVD Menus and Title Page style templates

25 New DVD Menu and Title Page templates

8. Projects can now be cloned when saving them to a new filename
9. High quality algorithm now used when creating title and other pages containing photos
10. Faster creation of DVD and PC format slideshows

Complete Change List

  • Added: PC and DVD+PC formats now available for multiple slideshow disks
  • Added: New Project wizard now displays graphical selector for all style templates
  • Added: Can now create a title page from your own image in New Project wizard
  • Fixed: Preview not updated after editing a title page in New Project wizard
  • Added: Can now clone projects by saving them to a new filename
  • Added: No longer needs to generate autorun.inf file
  • Added: Optimized creation of PC format slideshows by removing many unnecessary calls
  • Added: Optimized building of DVD slideshows
  • Added: Improved processing messages
  • Added: Overhauled layout of Multishow wizard
  • Added: Recent projects link in Multishow wizard
  • Changed: When adding a project it no longer shows a message if all project files are valid
  • Added: Can now add an Exit button to multiple slideshow menus
  • Added: When adding buttons to a DVD menu, PixPlay automatically guesses a suitable caption
  • Added: Hovering over a button in a DVD menu now selects it
  • Added: Double buffering to improve display of DVD menus on a PC
  • Added: Previous/Next frame links in Viewer popup menu
  • Added: Clicking the screen will advance manually navigated PC slideshows. Middle mouse button will go back to previous
  • Added: Now can continue building a multishow even if you choose to cancel stretching of a particular slideshow within the selection
  • Fixed: Multishow generation may fail without error if choose to stretch a slideshow to audio which does not contain audio
  • Changed: No longer uses a special viewer just to handle video only disks
  • Added: Now supports Windows 7 style audio muting
  • Added: Frame caption now support bordered text
  • Added: Labels and DVD buttons in title pages now support shadows and bordered text
  • Added: Automatic calculates an appropriate drop shadow depth based on the font size
  • Added: Text in title pages and image frames can be rotated to any angle
  • Added: Motion and transition effects show as grayed when disabled
  • Added: Insert Blank Frame function for quick access to the page editor
  • Added: Slideshow looping option moved to project settings
  • Added: Project looping option affects preview
  • Added: Combined DVD and PC slideshow looping option (with prompting now available as an Advanced option)
  • Added: Improved handling of some internal data structures
  • Added: 35 New DVD menu styles
  • Added: 35 New Title Page styles
  • Fixed: Flashing when changing style templates in the Title page creator
  • Added: Link in Title Page creator to download more templates
  • Added: Stretching slideshow to music is now offered as a Project property setting
  • Added: If auto-stretching is enabled for the project it is also used when previewing
  • Added: Now when adding your own images to title pages you can maintain the correct aspect ratio and specify a colored border
  • Added: Less flash on start-up of viewer
  • Added: No longer locks aspect ratio of images when they are being resized in the title page editor
  • Added: Now images in title pages always output in highest quality
  • Added: New items for Tip of the Day


v7.01 Change List
  • Fixed: May encounter timing issues when setting custom frame display times


v7.02 Change List
  • Added: "End Time" column
  • Fixed: Some issues related to frame timing
  • Fixed: Error when stretching a portion of the slideshow
  • Changed: When stretching a portion of the slideshow it finishes halfway through the transition (if longer than one second)
  • Changed: Double-clicking screen in viewer has same effect as clicking Esc


v7.03 Change List
  • Added: Automatically relocates music files in moved folders
  • Added: Some improvement to outputting of logging info while burning
  • Added: PixPlay automatically downsizes very large images when adding them to a project
  • Changed: Auto-cropping is disabled by default
  • Changed: Optimized for TV pixels by default
  • Added: Preview from start or current frame are now separate menu items
  • Fixed: Better memory-handling of very large images to reduce errors creating transition and motion effect frames
  • Added: More control over motion effect zooming added to Project Options
  • Changed: Automatically pads the margin for frame captions on DVDs to avoid overscan
  • Changed: Default font for frame captions to Tahoma
  • Added: New easter egg in Insert Text dialog
  • Added: Default frame caption margin is now 3%
  • Added: Toolbar now includes a button to enter your serial number
  • Added: Total overhaul of Program Options dialog to make it more logically arranged
  • Added: Better error message when choking on video files


v7.04 Change List
  • Added: Much improved quality with standard and high resolution PowerPoint presentations
  • Added: Now maintains the aspect ratio of imported PowerPoint presentations
  • Added: Includes looping preference from imported PowerPoint presentations
  • Fixed: When importing a PowerPoint project it may not be saved
  • Fixed: Occasional error when opening PowerPoint presentations