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MegaView v20 is a feature rich upgrade offering numerous changes and improvements. 

For information on upgrading, please see our upgrade page.

v20 Top Ten Enhancements

1. Image Adornments

Drag and drop images, shapes, text and lines onto your images

Draw Layers

Over 100 shapes are built-in:

Enhanced Shape Layer

2. Retouch Tools

New Interactive brushes to fix image content: Smudge, Inpaint, Blur, Smooth, Sharpen, etc.



Motion Blur

3. Clone Brush

Erase unwanted content from images with the new cloning brush

New Cloning tool to erase unwanted content

4. Paint and Eraser Brushes

New brush tools to paint and enhance your images.

New interactive brush tool to paint images

Includes a "Smart Eraser" to remove background without erasing subject

Background Erase

5. Crop and Perspective Fixing

Easily crop images and fix the perspective of offset photos

Improved Crop

Interactive adjustment of perspective distortion:

Interactive adjustment of perspective distortion

6. Enhanced Styling

Many improvements to UI styling, including new themes, updated graphics and sizable dialogs.

7. Measurement Tools

Measure lengths, rectangular and elliptical areas within your images

Measurement Tools

8. New Image Editing methods

Many new methods to edit images including freestyle rotation and "Pixelize" effect


9. Blurred Background Style

New background style for image display (improving styling when displaying portrait images)

Poster printing (printing a single image to multiple pages)

10. Much Wider Image Format Support

Now supports HEIF/HEIC, WebP, DirectDraw Surface (.DDS) and Microsoft HD Photo images, as well as MP4 Video. Also reads many more Camera Raw formats, including .CR3, .SR2, .ARW, NRW


Complete Change List:

  • Added: New Camera Raw formats: .CR3, .SR2, .ARW, NRW, .KDC, .MEF, .CAM, .PTX, .PXN, .RDC, .RW2, .RWL, .SRW
  • Added: New Image formats: DirectDraw Surface (.DDS), Microsoft HD Photo/JPEG XR (.WDP, .JXR, .HDP), High Efficiency Image Format (.HEIC, .HEIF) and WebP Images (.WEBP)
  • Added: New Video format: MP4 Video
  • Added: Blurred Image background style (like on YouTube when displaying portrait videos)
  • Added: Add Text, shapes, lines, arrows and images to the current image
  • Added: More modern UI styling
  • dded: When changing UI styling selector immmediately shows preview of new style
  • Added: Retouch tools: Interactive brushes to fix image content: Smudge, Inpaint, Blur, Smooth, Sharpen, etc.
  • Added: Clone Brush tool
  • Added: Brush tool, spray can, texture and image brushes
  • Added: Eraser tools
  • Added: Crop and Perspective fix Tool
  • Added: Rotate tool
  • Added: Image rulers
  • Added: Measurement Tools
  • Added: No reg warning on start up
  • Added: Improved the styling of all columnar grids
  • Added: Smoother scrolling of various controls, such as Feature overview
  • Added: New splash screens and About Boxes
  • Fixed: May not get correct status of options hwen right-click the search kewyords grid
  • Fixed: Errors while displaying map
  • Added: Display of buttons on glyphs now optional
  • Added: All dialogs are now sizable
  • Added: Various layout and styling improvements on dialogs
  • Added: Faster display of Tools menu
  • Fixed: Does not show next thumbnail mode when togging display modes



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