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v15 Top Ten Enhancements

1 Acquire from Phones, Tablets, Cameras and Scanners

Images can now be retrieved from Portable Devices such as phones and tablets, plus newer cameras and scanners via WIA

2 120 New Transition Effects

Forty new transition effects to enhance your slideshows, including Pacman, 3D cube rotation, soft wipes, twists and puzzle pieces, plus "Alternative Display" option for 80 more transitions

3 "Word Transitions"

Personalize your slideshows with custom "Word Transition" effects

4 Advanced Color Adjustment

Improve your images with automatic enhancement and gamma correction tools

5 Dicom Medical Imaging Format

Save to Dicom medical imaging format, and display all medical tags within Dicom images

6 Powerful File Information

Now displays XMP meta-data and all the latest digital camera (EXIF) fields within your images

7 Smooth Pan-Zoom Effects

When using Pan-Zoom Effect to add excitement to your images, quality is much improved

8 Enhanced Histogram

Display of Color Histograms for your images is much improved

Enhanced Histogram

9 Wider Digital Camera Support

Support for all the latest Digital Camera Raw image formats

10 Improved Windows 8 Compatibility

Now fully compatible with Windows 8, including full audio support


Complete Change List:

  • Added: Now includes a Portable Devices (WPD) class for accessing content on connected devices
  • Added 3D Book Flip and Cube Rotation transition effects
  • Added five transition effects that can display text (e.g. a single character or cycle the letters of a word)
  • Added six Pacman style transition effects
  • Added five six other effects including jigsaw puzzle, random bars and rotational sweeps
  • The style of sixty transition effects can now be further modified using TransitionsDrawAlternative
  • Much optimization and improvement of transition code
  • Fixed temperamental triangular wipe transition effect
  • Improved EXIF compatibility with Picasa
  • Added support for reading BigTIFF (>4GB TIFFs)
  • Added support PSB format (large Photoshop PSD)
  • Fixed: infinite loop reading some 16 bit gray scale BMP images
  • Fixed: exception reading TIFF (jpeg-7 compression) and RGB color space
  • Fixed: some Exif-GPS tags (out of Exif standard) cannot be read correctly
  • Fixed: loading EXIF incorrectly set also GPS fields
  • Fixed: bug reading EXIF tags
  • Fixed: AV reading some (corrupted) PSD files
  • Fixed: AV reading some CCITT encoded TIFFs
  • Fixed: TImageEnView copes with animated GIF files without explicit delay intervals
  • Fixed: infinite/long time loading reading TIFF with corrupted string tag size
  • Fixed: bug writing uncompressed dicom images
  • Fixed: AV loading parameters or counting TIFF frames when there is a ICC color profile embedded
  • Fixed: cannot read some jpeg compressed DICOM images
  • Improved DICOM reading speed and memory requirements
  • Added: now DICOM decoder can read multiple sequence items (subtags)
  • Added: now TIFF reader supports RGB color-mapped images with PlanarConfiguration
  • Added: optimized CMYK to RGB conversion speed
  • Fixed: corruption of EXIF Maker Notes
  • Fixed: DICOM reader can correctly detect root images
  • Fixed: DICOM/JPEG2000 9..15 bit gray scale images were not read correctly
  • Added: Proc Previews dialog now supports AutoImageEnhance1 and AutoImageEnhance3
  • Added: Save Parameters dialog is now resizable and has improved layout
  • Fixed: TIFF-CCITT decoder may run infinite loop reading corrupted files
  • Fixed: TIFF-CCITT (1D) encoder may corrupt image using TIFF_FillOrder
  • Added: Pan Zoom effects are now much smoother due to frame blending
  • Fixed: Loading jpeg2000 encoded DICOMs with BitsStored less than BitsAllocated may produce incorrect results
  • Added: New EXIF tags: CameraOwnerName, BodySerialNumber, LensMake, LensModel, LensSerialNumber, Gamma, SubjectArea, SubjectLocation
  • Added: DCIM acquisition now uses Portable Devices API (WPD) so it can retrieve from all connected devices
  • Added: Now outputs XMP meta-data in file info dialog
  • Added: Can now save to DICOM format
  • Added: Now supports the most recent official list of nearly 5,000 Dicom tags
  • Added: Larger Getting Started dialogs
  • Added: Updated splash screens
  • Added: Better default size for main window
  • Removed: Office formats from default formats list
  • Fixed: "Tip of the Day" dialog may clash with "Update Available" dialog
  • Changed: Toolbars no longer float
  • Added: Cooler styling for THistogram
  • Fixed: 8965 Error: Index page buffers corrupt in table
  • Added: Image auto-enhancement and gamma correction dialog
  • Removed: Deprecated watch folder function
  • Added: Now remembers default folder in Rename dialog
  • Fixed: Dragging a file to copy it does not move the file reference from it
  • Added: Confirmation details now more obvious, e.g. using "Yes to All" rather than "All"
  • Added: Avoids showing tips on start if auto acquiring from a camera
  • Added: Promoted image display quality option



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