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Diji Album, Digital Photo Album Software

Distribution Plug-In Pack v3.0
This plug-in allows Diji Album Editor (v7.0 or greater) to:
Creates DVD or VCD disks for playback on DVD players
Create Image format albums for PC playback
Export albums as Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) files

Install the following file to your Diji Album directory, then select File>Build/Distribute Album and select the desired distribution option.
Download Distribution Plug-In Pack for Diji Album  (4MB)

Extra Objects for Diji Album
Background Music Files

This is a selection of background music files suitable for Diji Album. 

These files will be installed to the /Music/ sub-folder of your Diji Album folder.  Use the Browse option under File>Album Properties, Background Music to select a background music file to use.

Extra Clip Art and Textures

This is a selection of pastel clip art and texture files for Diji Album.  All files are royalty free and were developed by Janet Barnett and Ray Thigpen.

These files will be installed to the default sub-folders of your Diji Album folder and available when accessing the relevant functions within Diji Album.
Download Background Music and Extra Clip Art  (2MB)

Diji Album Extra Formats Plug-In v1.2
This plug-in improves RAW camera format support and adds the following image formats to Diji Album:

Alias Wavefront RLE (*.pix), Apple Pict (*.pict), AVS (*.avs), Camera Digital Negative (*.dng), FITS (*.fits), FlashPix (*.fpx), Gimp Image (*.xcf), Graphviz DOT (*.dot), HDF (*.hdf), HP PCL Printer Image (*.pcl), JBIG (*.jbig, *.jbg, *.bie), Khoros VIFF (*.viff), Kodak Cineon (*.cin), Magick (*.miff), Matlab (*.mat), MTV Raytracing Image (*.mtv), Palm Pixmap (*.palm), Scalable Vector Graphic (*.svg), Seattle File Works (*.pwp), SMTPE DPX (*.dpx), Sun Rasterfile (*.sun), Vicar Rasterfile (*.vicar), XWindows Bitmap (*.xbm), XWindows Pixmap (*.xpm)

Download and install the following file to your Diji Album folder: 

Extra Image Formats Plug-In  (1.6MB)

Diji Album Printable Help File
If you want to print the Diji Album help file, please download this file (Adobe Acrobat format):
Download Diji Album Help File  (470KB)


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