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T O P I C    R E V I E W
xequte Posted - Apr 13 2009 : 02:03:59

We have added a FAQ explaining the SMS sending functionality in v8.0:

Let us know if you have any problems or need information setting it up with a different SMS Delivery Host.

Xequte Software
20   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
logonutility Posted - Dec 28 2017 : 05:27:39
For bulk SMS in India, visit our site:
xequte Posted - Oct 14 2014 : 20:31:42
We have not yet investigated whether this is possible with MLK's existing functionality.

Xequte Software
iammagi Posted - Oct 11 2014 : 18:52:56
Amazon also has super inexpensive SMS. Has anyone figured out how to use it?
Shlomit Posted - Jan 01 2014 : 20:18:00
yes , a day after the website came back to live
xequte Posted - Jan 01 2014 : 00:45:23
Hi Shlomit

Works fine from this end. Please check again.

Xequte Software
Shlomit Posted - Dec 29 2013 : 11:17:02
i think clickatell is dead. their website is down for hours. i just wanted to check their service for sms

xequte Posted - Sep 04 2013 : 01:57:10

We need to add support to the web form processing functionality of MLK to support automatic subscribe/unsubscribe/bounce of mobile addresses.

Hopefully we can add this in an update not too far away.

Xequte Software
geb Posted - Aug 29 2013 : 05:41:47
I have been using the Sms service without shortcode and it has been working very well thanks

I do however sometimes get a unsubscribe opt out sms to email message from recipients that i need to process. Like one you would normally get from an optout via email However this time its to an mobile number.

The sms gateway intercepts this optout and sends me a unique sms telling me about the optout request. I think its a legal requirement and also a free service to the clients.

a sample message would be here

Sender:sms gateway email address
Receipient:To my registered email address
Subject:Reply received

*** Message forwarded at 2013-06-25 1:09:25 PM from MLK POP Account (Sender: ***
Hi xxxxxxx, a reply was received:
From: 123456789
Incoming message: Stop
Datetime: 25 Jun 2013 13:09:25
Sent message: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent Datetime: 25 Jun 2013 12:26:33
Sent message group name:
Sent message group desc:
Number Value 1:
Number Value 2:
Number Value 3:
Number Value 4:
Number Value 5:
Number Value 6:
Number Value 7:
Number Value 8:
Number Value 9:
Number Value 10:

Kind Regards,

My question is

How to I process the body of the message ie

"From: 123456789
Incoming message: Stop"

and not the header ie

"Sender:sms gateway email address
Receipient:To my registered email address
Subject:Reply received"

to act on the instructions to unsubscribe( based on a cell no ie 123456789) or update the group

thanks in advance
geb Posted - Sep 26 2011 : 02:40:51
Hi Nigel

I had a problem in the MLK not saying its sucessfully sent the sms despite actually sending it. This was a problem as I then could not track sends and replies.

My Mistake for not checking for an update that was out.

I updated to update 10.51R and the bulksms portal works perfectly.
I received the sms and I also received the sms to email.

Thanks for offerring to refund my money if it did not work. It is reassuring to see Xequte stand by their products.

Neithyer clickatell ( without an expensive and unecessary shortcode) or textanywhere ( after ongoing tests to source local useable ( non scrambled) sms send number are able to get a reply email back to me . All their SMS are being sent via random SMS numbers so tracking replies is not possible .

Here is reply email

Hi xxxxxxx, a reply was received:
From: 2782xxxxxxxxxxx
Incoming message: Reply test
Datetime: 26 Sep 2011 11:21:19
Sent message: This is a test SMS message sent from MailList King
Sent Datetime: 26 Sep 2011 11:02:33
Sent message group name:
Sent message group desc:
Number Value 1:
Number Value 2:
Number Value 3:
Number Value 4:
Number Value 5:
Number Value 6:
Number Value 7:
Number Value 8:
Number Value 9:
Number Value 10:

Kind Regards,

All I now have to do is set up the number values above and We are good to go

Thanks Nigel
xequte Posted - Sep 25 2011 : 22:18:54
Hi George

This issue was fixed in v10.48 on September 2nd. I'm sorry that you did not receive my notification about it.

If it is not working as you would like please email me.

Xequte Software
geb Posted - Sep 25 2011 : 06:05:29
Hi Nigel

You promised that you would have a solution to this problem nearly two weeks ago.

I never received a solution to this problem.

xequte Posted - Aug 30 2011 : 14:49:20

I'll have an update out by the end of this week which will allow MLK to workaround one small quirk with the BulkSMS API.

Please let me know if it fails to resolve the problem.

Xequte Software
geb Posted - Aug 30 2011 : 00:26:51
HI Nigel

Yes it seems much more complicated than it really is - until you have unfortunately had to do the testing like I have to do.

I would need to say to my customers that they should now have to phone me or visit my web site.

Any messages sent to new potential customers are by law required to have the option to opt out. I also need to be able to feed the new info to MLK - object of the exercise.

If I send a message to any of Vodaphones 10 m local users these customers don't have an ability to reply to this message ( for positive or negative responses ) because a random from no is generated each time for both Clickatell and for textanywhere. It is also not possible to send a reply back to my email by either company -

I was told by clickatell and I proved it in my test with Textanywhere.
I could not use dynmark as they would not take an international mobile no - (that I could see )

Clickatell told me its due to the Network operator not accepting alpha numerical codes see link above

Textanywhere did not know why i did not get a reply sms or did not get a reply to email.

When I tried to find out why Clickatell tells me that its because of Vodacom/ vodaphone and that I have to buy a short code at huge unnecessary expenses. see above email

Then I tried another larger company and it worked both ways first time - via manual send

Therefore clickatell is wrong - I put forward two possible reasons above.

You highly recommend Clickatell in you software and I must warn MLK users of the possible shortcomings.
This is precisely what Paul - the original poster said above

"You can also specify your own send originator just like clickatel used to before they locked it down."

If they could do it before and wont do it now then they are not being truthful about why they wont do it now .I think that they want to make more money from the service .- Bulksms can do it out of the box . Rather just say we wont do it at the same price not pretend its due to Network restrictions. Nothing wrong with wanting to make more money.
But MLK users need to know that there are more cost effective methods

Clickatell has this Alpha Numerical x in its quite a few of its global coverage network list so I need to warn your MLK customers about potential bottlenecks whe they want to send to a country and clickatell cries "Alpha Numerical"

I could be wrong as I can't test every network

Now it comes down to asking you to please help me set up for API access to MLK

all the development material is here
xequte Posted - Aug 29 2011 : 22:28:42
Hi George

I'm sorry but there have been a lot of back-and-forth emails regarding your sending issues with your SMS suppliers so have lost track of the current status.

If there is a particular failing with MLK's SMS sending, then please give me more specific details to investigate further. All the logs you have forwarded show that MLK has connected and sent the SMS details to your SMS sending host, which means that the failing is at their end rather than hours.

Also, FYI, as part of the v10.45 release last week we ran our usual testing regime which includes posting an SMS message via Clickatell and it worked as expected.

Xequte Software
geb Posted - Aug 29 2011 : 03:05:19
after painfully trying to get sms sent and replies received via via both Textanywhere and clickatell I found out that both don't integrate properly with the service providers or don't have detailed enough deals that allow deep api integration . Clickatell seems determined to sell a shortcode at Thousands

-----Original Message-----
From: Clickatell Coverage []
Sent: 29 August 2011 02:44 AM
Subject: [Clickatell #3818285]: MTN Sender ID not displaying

Dear George,

That is correct, You would need to get a short code if you want users(any network provider) to respond to the text messages.

Please feel free to contact us should you require additional assistance.

Kind Regards,

Aidan Mouton
Customer Service

Please feel free to visit the Clickatell Support Centre at for Clickatell's product guides, FAQ's and our on-line resource centre.

Mobile Touch. Multiplied

On Sun, 28 Aug 2011 14:10:10 +0200, wrote:
> Hi Gavin
> So you saying I can't send to either a Vodacom or 8ta number and
> expect that they can reply to me .
> And there is nothing you can do about this except sell me a sort code ?
> All other mobile operates yes I can send a sms and yes they can reply
> to me

Clickatell blames the operators saying some of them disallow alpha numeral codes however

I then tried and it was working both ways ie back to email in minutes

From: []
Sent: 29 August 2011 11:07 AM
Subject: Reply received

Hi George Bester, a reply was received:
From: 2779599xxxxxx
Incoming message: Helpspror reply test
Datetime: 29/08/2011 11:05:58
Sent message: This is test SMS from For more infomation please contact us on 0861112021 or email (
Sent Datetime: 29/08/2011 11:04:40
Sent message group name:
Sent message group desc:
Number Value 1:
Number Value 2:
Number Value 3:
Number Value 4:
Number Value 5:
Number Value 6:

Kind Regards,

Hopefully Nigel can help with the API integration
xequte Posted - Aug 25 2011 : 20:17:33

Apologies for the slow response on this. I saw that you had also emailed TextAnywhere support so I wanted to hold off to see their response first. I have had a number of other customers use MLK with TextAnywhere in the past so there should not be a technical reason for it failing assuming they have not changed things on their end.

I'll email you some debug logging info.

Xequte Software
geb Posted - Aug 25 2011 : 13:04:01
I tried the textanywhere scrip provided but it does not send despite mlk saying it was successful. textanywhere said that they have written a new script sms url but that they doubt that it will work with the current configs that nigel provided can see . basically textanywhere is the way to go cos you can get free return sms to email - if only I can get it to work.

I then loaded clickatell script and sms went through promptly - no problem
had to register my mobile before i could get a return
brettlee Posted - Apr 01 2010 : 22:49:37

xequte Posted - Oct 13 2009 : 14:25:10
Hi Peter

MLK automatically handles all of the number reformatting for you:

- Formatting characters such as dashes and spaces are removed
- If the number has a zero prefix it is dropped and assigned the country code prefix
- A leading plus for international numbers is included or dropped depending on your setting under View > Options, Sending SMS Settings

If you send me your SmsHost.ddt file (in the main window click Ctrl+Shift+I and choose the settings folder). I will check your settings.

Xequte Software
Pjonz2008 Posted - Oct 13 2009 : 11:54:53

A few questions about MLK SMS message system.

I have joined up with Exetel from Sydney and sent a test message from MLK which worked fine.

1. From your documentation I understand that if I simply send an SMS to the numbers I have now (all New Zealand) IE 021XXXX, 027 XXX XXX etc your system will append a 64 or a +64 (which one?) to the number and I assume it will drop the preceding zero? Is this true?

In Exetel's manual it shows international numbers as 64 21xxxx without the preceding +. I have not checked with them yet to see whether this will work either way.

2. And I also assume from your documentation that any spaces, hyphens etc will be removed from the number?

I am trying to avoid having to dump all my clients into a CSV file and reformat all their mobile numbers. I also have some listed as +64 and just 64 preceding the number.

He help you can give on this matter would be much appreciated and have me up and running quickly.