Smart Pix & MegaView
MP3 Features

Smart Pix Manager and MegaView are the perfect solutions for playing and managing your MP3 and other sound and video files.

Random and Ordered Playback of your Music

A slideshow function plays back a selection (or all) of your music files, either in sequence or random order.  You can even save your playlists to disk for later use

Editing of MP3 Tags

You can view and edit the MP3 tags within your music files (fields such as Genre, Artist, etc)

Auto-Generation of MP3 Keywords (Smart Pix Only)

With Smart Pix Manager's database functionality you can automatically generate keywords for your files based on the tags within music files.  This makes it easy for you to search and categorise your music files by Genre, Artist, Year, etc.

Smart Pix Manager vs. MegaView

Smart Pix Manager is the premium solution for managing all of your multimedia files with full keyword and description based management.
MegaView is a simpler solution that uses folder browsing rather than database management.
For a fuller explanation please view our Feature Comparison.

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