Xequte Software Registration Form
How can I Order?
There are three ways you can purchase your software:

1.  Purchase online (Credit Card only!)

     Visit to http://www.xequte.com/order/

2. E-mail (Credit Card only!)

     Copy the form below and paste it into an e-mail.  Fill in the details and send to sales@xequte.com.

3. Standard Post

     Print out this form and send with payment to:

          Xequte Software
          PO Box 83-087
          Johnsonville 6440
          New Zealand



DVD PixPlay US$49.50
DVD PixPlay - Professional Edition US$79.50
MailList King - Lite Edition US$99.50
MailList King - Business Edition
Designed for business usage. Includes all the functionality of MailList King - Lite Edition, plus advanced features, database sharing and remote management. MailList King Business users also receive Priority Support
MailList King - Corporate Edition
Designed for mission critical large installations. Includes all functionality of the Business edition, plus telephone support and our experts will (remotely) install and configure your software
Smart Pix Manager US$39.50
MegaView US$29.50
Diji Album Editor US$39.50
Amaze Screen Saver US$19.50

You can use the currency converter at http://www.oanda.com/cgi-bin/ncc to calculate the cost in your own currency.

Payment by:

     - Credit card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express, etc
     - Personal Check (only accepted in your local currency)
     - Cash (Note: with cash payments we cannot be held liable for any loss. Do not send coinage, only notes)


Registration Form


First Name: ____________________
Last Name: ____________________
E-mail Address: ____________________
Please confirm e-mail: ____________________
City: ____________________
State/Province: ____________________
Postal Code: ____________________
Country: ____________________
Phone: ____________________   [ ]Home?  [ ]Work?

Payment method: [ ]Credit card, [ ]Personal Check, [ ]Cash.



[ ] Visa
[ ] MasterCard
[ ] American Express
[ ] Other: __________________
Credit Card #:  ____________________
Expiration Date:  __/__ (MM/YY)
Name on card:_______________________


if other than US$:

Currency: ____________________

Conversion rate: ____________________

Date of this rate: ____________________


DVD PixPlay:  __ copies at US$49.50   US$______
DVD PixPlay - Professional Edition:  __ copies at US$79.50   US$______
MailList King - Lite Edition:  __ copies at US$99.50   US$______
MailList King - Business Edition:  __ copies at US$199.50   US$______
MailList King - Corporate Edition:  __ copies at US$899.50   US$______
Smart Pix Manager:  __ copies at US$39.50    US$______
MegaView:  __ copies at US$29.50   US$______
Diji Album Editor:  __ copies at US$39.50   US$______
Amaze Screen Saver:  __ copies at US$19.50   US$______
Total   US$______

What Windows version are you using?
[ ] Windows 11, [ ] Windows 10, [ ] Windows 8, [ ] Windows 7, [ ] Windows Vista, [ ] Other: ____________________

Where did you hear about this product?


What improvements would you like us to make to the program?



Have you encountered any problems with the program?