Xequte September Newsletter: Introductory offer on Cruise Control - Rapid Email Responder

15 September 2007


In this Issue:

  • Cruise Control – Rapid Email Responder Released
  • Cruise Control Introductory Offer
  • Windows Vista Compatibility
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List

Dear Xequte Software User,

Here at Xequte we often reply to over one hundred emails in a day (the most common being a request to resend a lost serial number), so in late 2006 we started designing a simple tool that would allow us to easily reuse the text we type most often.  Unfortunately we soon realized we wouldn’t be satisfied with such a limited solution, and if we really wanted to improve our productivity we'd need a tool that completely integrated with our email software.  So after nearly a year of "code, sweat and tears", Cruise Control – Rapid Mail Responder has arrived. 

We're celebrating the release with an introductory offer for registered users.  Please see below for all the details.


Nigel Cross
Xequte Software

* Cruise Control – Rapid Email Responder Released

Finally the solution to Email Overload!  Cruise Control - Rapid Email Responder, the fastest tool available for replying to all the messages in your overflowing Inbox.

Functioning as a plug-in to Outlook, Outlook Express or directly to Gmail, etc, Cruise Control automatically guesses responses to the messages you receive and provides quick access to the text you most commonly type.

More Info and Evaluation download: http://www.xequte.com/cruisecontrol/

* Cruise Control Introductory Offer

As an introductory offer to reward our loyal customers we are offering a 25% discount for the next seven days.

To purchase Cruise Control for only $36.90:



Interested in MailList King so you can manage and send to your email mailing list?

Purchase Cruise Control and MailList King Professional for only $99.90 (That's 33% off the regular price of $149.00):


Note: These offers are only available using the links above and expire on Sep. 25.

* Windows Vista Compatibility

Since the release of Windows Vista, we are frequently asked whether our products are compatible.  We started testing all of our commercial products (MailList King, DVD PixPlay, Smart Pix Manager, MegaView, etc) on pre-releases of Vista in mid 2006 to ensure compatibility and made all required changes prior to the official release of Windows Vista in January 2007.  So - in short - if you are using a current release of any of our commercial products you won't encounter any problems.

There are some (generally small) compatibility issues in older versions of our software, so you may want to upgrade to the latest and greatest:


* Program Tips

- DVD PixPlay: Sharing Slideshows with Family and Friends using YouTube

Many users have enquired how they can share slideshows over the Internet.  Here are the steps for uploading a DVD PixPlay project to YouTube:

1. Run DVD PixPlay and open your project

2. Select File > Burn Slideshow Disk

3. Choose the MPEG format option and click Next

4. Choose "Custom Format", select "AVI (DivX)" and then click Next

5. Select the option to save to a file and specify a filename

Once generation completes:

6. Go to the YouTube web site:


7. Click the Sign Up option and then follow the steps to become a member

8. Upload your video file (from Step 5)

- MailList King: Advanced Sending Settings for Outlook Users

There are a number of useful options available when sending via Outlook:

- Enable the "Activate Send/Receive" option and Outlook will immediately send your MailList King messages

- Enable "Custom Reply Address" to override the default Reply address of Outlook

- Automatically delete MailList King's messages from Outlook after they are sent

- Automatically pause sending while there are still messages in Outlook's Outbox waiting to be delivered

These are available underView > Options, Sending, "Settings"

- Smart Pix/MegaView: Rapid Addition of Keywords to your Files

One of the main features that draws users to Smart Pix is keyword searching, but if the process of adding the keywords was too laborious what use would it be?  Fortunately Smart Pix offers a number features to speed up the process:

- Default keywords for Folders: If you generally categorize your files into different folders, then you should specify (under Database > Settings and Source Folders) that whenever files from those folders are added to your database then they are automatically given certain keywords

- Generation of keywords from the folder or file name: If your folders or files are descriptively named then you can set Smart Pix to create keywords from the words they contain (setting underFile > Options, Database), e.g. a file named "Red Racing Porsche.jpg" would automatically receive the keywords, Red, Racing and Porsche

- Generation of keywords from Embedded Data: Smart Pix can also add keywords based on music fields (of MP3 and WMA files), digital camera fields and IPTC fields (commonly used by PhotoShop and Picasa for storing keywords and descriptions)

- Keyword Toolbar: For ultimate customization of your file keywords, use the KeywordToolbar (View>FlyoverTools>Keyword Toolbar).  Just select your file(s) then double click the keywords you wish to add

- MegaView (also Smart Pix Manager): Internet Toolbar for Quick File and Folder Access

A great tool for Power Users is the Internet Toolbar as it allows you to quickly browse to folders, web pages and files simply by typing their location in the toolbar.  You can display it using View > Toolbars > Internet Toolbar (not available if you have the Simplified Interface enabled)

- Diji Album: Ensuring albums are viewed as you designed them

By far the most common question we are asked by Diji Album users is how to stop the scaling of objects when viewing album computers with different screen sizes.

Diji Album offers a number of options to control how albums are displayed when being viewed; including forcing the size or page ratio to match that it was designed at.

These options can be located under File > Album Properties, Album Size tab