Xequte September Newsletter: Smart Pix Manager and MegaView V9.0 Released

16 September 2006


In this Issue:

  • Smart Pix Manager and MegaView v9.0 Released
  • V9.0 Special Offers
  • New Freeware Release: Xanorama, Panoramic Photo Screen Saver
  • OutPosted v1.1 update
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List



Dear Xequte Software User,


Of the five programs I use the most; I can honestly say that sitting at number four is one of our own.  Smart Pix Manager is always running on my computer, because even when I am not browsing the innumerable digital photos that one accumulates after one procreates, I use it to play songs at random from my huge music collection ("A non-stop radio, without ads, that only plays the music I like", was how one customer once described it).


Smart Pix is one of my favorite programs, not only do I love using it, but I also love developing and improving it, so I still get excited whenever we release a new version.  If you remember our first release (take a look at www.xequte.com/smartpix/smartpix1.gif for a reminder) then you will realize how far it has come.


Some things have changed because of technology (e.g. digital camera integration and multimedia support), enhancement decisions (e.g. transition effects and batch conversion functions) but at its core the basic design has remained the same: simple browsing of photos, easy addition and searching of keywords and random slideshows.


In the years that Smart Pix has been around we have received tens of thousands of feature requests and suggestions, and from those we have selected the ones that match our vision for its development and enhance the software without overcomplicating it.


Please find further details for the v9.0 releases of Smart Pix and MegaView below.





Nigel Cross

Xequte Software






* Smart Pix Manager and MegaView V9.0 Released


Smart Pix and MegaView allow you to manage and view your multimedia, documents and digital photo collection.  V9.0 is a feature rich upgrade, particularly aimed at enhancing features for digital camera users, such as one-click retrieval of camera photos, improved batch renaming and wider digital camera field support.  It also includes fun new features like motion effects for your slideshows.


(MegaView is a simplified version of Smart Pix that does not include keyword categorization and searching).


Here is a list of the top twenty changes:


  1. New date search makes it much simpler to display all photos taken in a particular month, year or date range *
  2. Motion Effects are now available to add interest to your slideshows
  3. Now supports one-click camera acquisition: Once Smart Pix knows your preferred settings it can retrieve all of the photos from a camera with a single click
  4. Many improvements to the Camera/Scanner Acquisition Wizard including more powerful naming options and maintaining of all preferred settings
  5. Various improvements to the Slideshow Disk Creation wizard including support for motion effects and optional buttons for printing, launching a web page or sending an email
  6. Adobe Photoshop PSD images (single and multi-layer) are now supported for loading and saving
  7. New database filter allows you to just display files from a selected folder and/or its sub-folders *
  8. Now remembers all of your database filter settings and maintains them even when you restart. Less frequently used filters are also hidden by default
  9. New advanced batch renaming options including appending of seconds, changing of date order and inclusion of the original filename
  10. Improvements to duplicate file checking including easy selection of the which duplicate to delete *
  11. Much faster in various areas due to powerful caching functionality and optimized image loading
  12. Can now view and capture all frames of WMV, AVI and MPEG videos even if very large
  13. Now favorites file lists can be saved as text files or relative link lists
  14. Support is now included for many more EXIF fields including GPS Latitude and Longitude
  15. Improved IPTC support with saving of Keywords and automatic display of the embedded IPTC description if a custom description has not been assigned *
  16. Added support for RAW formats from many newer cameras and less common TIFF formats
  17. The File Information dialog can now be resized (and its size is remembered)
  18. When hovering the mouse over a file thumbnail full details on the file are displayed
  19. Added new crop ratios: 3½ × 5" Photo, 6 x 8" Photo and widescreen (16:9)
  20. Various styling improvements particularly under Windows XP

* Smart Pix Manager only

Complete Change List:  http://www.xequte.com/smartpix/changes.html



Upgrade Information:


V9.0 is a free upgrade to everyone who has purchased a license or upgrade after 1 Feb. 2006, or who have purchased more than three upgrades in the past.  If you qualify and have not received a new serial number please email sales@xequte.com


Other users can upgrade at:


Smart Pix Manager:  http://www.xequte.com/smartpix/upgrade.html

MegaView:  http://www.xequte.com/megaview/upgrade.html



Evaluation Information:


More info and download are available at:

Smart Pix Manager:  http://www.xequte.com/smartpix/

MegaView:  http://www.xequte.com/megaview/




* V9.0 Special Offers


To make upgrading easier we are offering a further 20% off the upgrade price for the next seven days. 


To upgrade to Smart Pix Manager v9.0 for only $13.90:





To upgrade to MegaView v9.0 for only $10.80:





Note: You don't need to have an old version installed, when upgrading you are provided a full download of the new version.



Also if you are a registered user of any other Xequte product, you can purchase Smart Pix for only $27.60 (30% off the regular price):





Note: These offers are only available using the links above and expire on Sep. 22.




* New Freeware Release: Xanorama Panoramic Photo Screen Saver


There are many sites on the Internet with fantastic panoramic photos, such as the 360 degree photos of Paris at night.  Xanorama displays a selection of panoramic photos whenever your computer is idle, slowly panning the entire width of the photo across your screen.


Xanorama is freeware and can be downloaded from: