Xequte November Newsletter: Last big release for 2009

5 November 2009


In this Issue:


  • MailList King V9.0 Released
  • V9.0 Upgrade Information
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List



Dear Xequte Software User,


Once again this year we surveyed purchasers to help us understand how you want us to improve our software.  Based on that, we have already implemented two popular features in this month's MailList King v9 release.  We hope to add more in free updates in early 2010 (including profiles and improved sending reports).


DVD PixPlay users will also see some of their requests in coming updates to v5.


We're also pleased to report that 75% of respondents said they would recommend our software to others.  So thanks to everyone who has been spreading the good word.


I'll be taking a brief holiday to China shortly, but we hope to get a couple of minor updates out before the close of 2009.


If you have any feedback don't hesitate to drop us a line :-)






Nigel Cross

Xequte Software






* MailList King V9.0 Released


MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.  V9.0 is a significant upgrade focusing on several major features requested in our recent customer survey.


Top Fifteen Improvements:



Organize your groups by nesting them within other groups


New "Print Letters" feature with full mail merge functionality


New "Print labels" feature to output postal labels for your members


Many Outlook synchronization improvements including increased speed and synchronizing of sub-folders


Many improvements to SMS sending including full preview, delivery to recipients in an import file and estimation of delivery time


Display all recipients of a sending task that unsubscribed


Windows 7 support including display of progress in the Windows task bar


Member selection dialog now allows you to choose groups and mobile phone numbers


Improved processing summary dialog with tree view for easy navigation of failures


Various enhancements for sharing of databases over a network


Instantly filter the mailing list to only show members that you have checked/selected


"Postal Address" personalization field that automatically inserts a fully formatted address (with options)


New custom filters: Have email address, have mobile phone number and have postal address


Automatically checks for common misspellings and synonyms of country names


Improved start up time


Complete Change List: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/changes.html


More Info and Evaluation download: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/download.html




* V9.0 Upgrade Information


V9.0 is a free upgrade to all users who purchased a license or upgrade after July 1, 2009.  Everyone who qualifies should already have been emailed a new serial number (e-mail us if not).


Other users can upgrade at:





To make it easier we are providing an extra 20% off for five days!


 Note: This offer is only available from this link and expires at midnight, November 12.



And don’t forget that upgraders receive all MailList King releases free until November 2010.




* Program Tips


- MailList King: Grouping Groups within Groups


With MLK v9 the process of handling huge groups list just got a lot easier.  Now you can categorize your groups within other groups in the same way folders can be arranged in Windows Explorer.


To enable group nesting enable the relevant option at the bottom of View > Options, Groups.  You will then find that in any group window you can simply select a group, drag it and drop it onto another group.


Note: When searching a parent group it will automatically search all sub-groups too.


You will also notice that all group selection boxes now display a full group selector when you click the down arrow.  You can easily select multiple groups by ticking their checkboxes or select a single group by clicking its name.



- DVD PixPlay: Adding Text to your Photos


PixPlay offers three ways to add text to your photos:


- For most stylistic freedom select Frame > Add Text to Image.  This takes you to a frame editor where you can easily add formatted text, clip art and shapes


- For quickest results select Edit > Slideshow Properties, Frame Captions.  You can immediately display the filename, date or other information on every frame in your slideshow (excluding those that already have text).  With the Pro version you can even display information from your digital camera fields


- For a slight variation of Frame Captions, choose the "Custom Text for each Image" option.  This adds a text box at the bottom right of the main window.  You can then quickly specify a different caption for each image



- Smart Pix Manager: Reacquainting Yourself with Old Photos


You may not know that Smart Pix maintains a record of the files that you view (in the software).  This is helpful if you only want to see the images that you love (i.e. view most often) have never viewed, or haven't viewed for a long time and want to reacquaint yourself with.  It is just one of the many useful display options available using the "Filter" function.


A filter hides all of the files that do not match the rules that you have specified.  You will find the Filter button under the Search box when you select the Media Library tab in the main window (If you don't see it go into Tools > Options and turn off "Simplified User Interface").  Click the button and you will see the filters above as well as other useful options.



- MegaView (also in Smart Pix): Batch Image Conversion


The Batch Conversion function is an indispensable tool for users with many images.  The most common batch conversion tasks include converting large, uncompressed image formats (such as BMP) to more compact ones (such as JPEG) and resizing large images to a smaller size for sharing or uploading to web sites.


To use it, simply select the images that you wish to modify and click Edit > Batch Edit and Convert.