Xequte May Newsletter: Extra Program Tips this Month

18 May 2006


In this Issue: 
  • MailList King V6.04 Released 
  • Freeware Spotlight: XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver 
  • Program Tips 
  • Removing yourself from this List



Dear Xequte Software User,


Well you know it's a slow news month when I have to promise extra program tips to get you to read the newsletter ;-)


Alas we are so busy with DVD PixPlay development that we have nothing to offer you other than a small MailList King update. 


Our work on DVD PixPlay is progressing well, with a release expected in six to eight weeks.  It will be a free upgrade to all purchasers and upgraders since early 2006 (so you can rest assured that if you purchase now you won't need to pay again).  I can't reveal yet what we'll be offering in the release; suffice to say it includes one of our most requested features which adds a lot more interest to the slideshow…


In the meantime, unless you are a MailList King user, you'll just have to make do with our program tips.


If you have any comments or questions, please drop me a line or join us on our customer discussion forums at:








Nigel Cross

Xequte Software






* MailList King V6.04 Released


MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.


Here is a top ten list of changes since our last newsletter:


  1. When using the multi-threaded SMTP server you can now specify multiple SMTP servers (Corporate Version)
  2. Group selection box in Options now supports multiple selection (allowing deletion of many groups at once)
  3. Added two new Remote Admin Commands: AddGroupAdmin and RemoveGroupAdmin
  4. Other improvements to Remote Admin Commands including password support and optionally sending a copy of all processing summaries to a specified address
  5. Added an icon to run MLK in Safe Mode (i.e. with no automated sending or checking)
  6. Now supports processing of read receipts in French, German and Spanish
  7. Now when optimizing the database it removes orphaned members and updates membership counts for all members
  8. Can now drop CSV and XLS files onto MLK to import them
  9. Added two new hidden options: NeverSendDomains_List and NeverSendDomains_Automated allowing delivery to specific domains to be blocked (without blocking the subscription)
  10. Added option to mark processed messages as read before deleting them


Complete Change List: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/changes.html



Evaluations can be downloaded from: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/download.html


Pro and Corporate Users: An updated download link will be sent to you over the next 24 hours.  If you do not receive the link, please complete the following form:






* Freeware Spotlight: XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver


Now your PC can be useful even when you are not using it!  XClock displays a large glowing digital clock on your screen whenever your PC is idle


XClock is freeware and can be downloaded from:






* Program Tips


- DVD PixPlay: Adding Fun to your Photos


Want to add a sarcastic thought bubble to your wife or a Santa hat to your father-in-law?  DVD PixPlay includes a selection of clip art including thought and speech bubbles and seasonal items.  Adding text and clipart to your photos is simple; select the photo and then click the "Add Text" button.  In the displayed dialog you will see buttons allowing you to "Add Text," "Add Clip Art" or "Add a Shape".  Once added you can click objects and drag them to your desired position on the image.



- MailList King: Disabling Message Delivery with Vacation Mode


When you send a regular newsletter you often have recipients who will want to stop receiving messages for a time without being dropped from the list.  The new Vacation mode allows them to do this.


A user can automatically disable message delivery by sending you a message with the subject:




Then when they want to re-commence their delivery they send the command:




In both cases MLK will send a message to the member advising that delivery has been disabled/enabled.


You can change the message that is sent by opening the file, "Vacation.mlk" from your settings folder (click Ctrl+Shift+I to display your Settings folder) in the message editor and then saving it after you have made your changes.



- Smart Pix/MegaView: Two Quick Multimedia Tips


Videos: You can preview and capture frames from video files by selecting Multimedia>View Video Frames


Music: You can view the lyrics for the current song by selecting Multimedia>Search for Song Lyrics (you can configure this further under File>Options, Other, Advanced)



- Diji Album: Using the Album Contents Pane


A useful navigation and editing feature of Diji Album is the Contents pane. This pane, which appears on the left of your album page, displays a tree-style layout of the pages and sections within your album.


You can display the contents pane by selecting View>Contents Pane.


While editing, the pane is useful in allowing you to reorder pages just by dragging and dropping them to a new location. You can also rename pages and set them as "New Sections" using the relevant option in the right-click menu.


The contents pane is also useful for recipients of your albums, allowing them to easily navigate your album. You can specify whether to display or hide the contents pane when recipients view your album under File>Album Properties



- Amaze: Automatic Wallpaper Changing


If you quickly bore with your Windows desktop wallpaper you can make Amaze automatically replace it with an image from a specified folder.  Just display the Amaze panel configuration panel and enable the "Wallpaper Changing" option.


If you like that you might also be interested in "Picture of the Day" which can automatically download photos from the internet and display them as your wallpaper: