Xequte March Newsletter: A new release a little overdue

15 March 2012


In this Issue:


  • MailList King V11.0 Released
  • V11.0 Upgrade Information and Offers
  • ImageEn v4.1.0
  • Program Tips




Dear Xequte Software User,


The last time I did a real road trip was in 1990; a friend and I took a couple of girls (much less intimate than it sounds, unfortunately) on a 2000 km tiki tour around New Zealand's South Island in my 20 year old Ford Escort.  Alas, since then a considerable amount of Shiraz has been imbibed and thus my only memory of the trip is sneaking three of us into a motel room so we would qualify for the single-pax rate.


So little has prepared me for next month's adventure, a 6,000 mile road trip through the central states of the USA. I was talked into it by a friend last year, soon after I had turned 40, not coincidentally. This time there will be no girls (I'm pretty sure my wife would not have been nearly so supportive if that was the plan), so we can focus on purely blokey activities: visiting the Houston Space Center, climbing a volcano, racing a car at a speedway, hiking in Iowa, etc.  Twelve months ago it had seemed such a great idea, now with only a few weeks to go I feel like a squirrel surprised by the first flakes of snow.


Fortunately, the overdue MailList King v11 is now complete, so that at least is one item I can check off!





Nigel Cross

Xequte Software







* MailList King V11.0 Released


MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.  V11.0 is a major upgrade incorporating numerous enhancements with particular focus on improved member management.



Top Ten Improvements


1. Major improvements for your own fields ("Custom Fields") including more powerful searching and statistics
2. Sending via Amazon's inexpensive bulk emailing
SES mail service (Amazon SES Pricing)
3. Replace Member Confirmation displays all member details when overwriting a contact (with merge support)

4. Maintain a copy of your old sending tasks with the new "Archived Tasks" folder
5. Format Painting
6. When importing contacts or sending to recipients in an import file you can filter by any field (e.g. only sending to recipients from a certain country)
7. Improved property editing grids with support for column resizing, multi-line hints and a full editor

8. Enhanced Options dialog

9. Access to 70 advanced options

10. Retrieval of addresses from contacts and messages in your email software has been made much easier with a wizard dialog


Screen Shots and complete change list: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/changes.html



Registered users can download the update by selecting Help > Check for Updates or by completing the following form:






* V11.0 Upgrade Information and Offers


 V11.0 is a free upgrade to all users who purchased a license or upgrade after Nov 15, 2011.  Everyone who qualifies should already have been emailed a new serial number (e-mail us if not).


Other registered users can upgrade at:




Also, to make upgrading easier we are providing an extra 20% off for five days:




Note: This offer is only available from this link and expires at midnight, March 21.  You do not need your old version to upgrade.




* ImageEn v4.1.0 Released


ImageEn is a photo editing and processing library for Delphi, .NET and ActiveX developers.


Top Ten Changes


1. Now offers a generic interface to all acquisition sources, Twain, WIA and connected cameras and cards

2. Photos can now be acquired from connected cameras and cards (which appear as USB drives)

3. Support for much larger PDF creation through disk caching

4. TImageEnMView now offers a Seek method to quickly navigate loaded images and frames

5. TImageEnMView will automatically scroll when dragging items within it

6. TImageEnMView.FillFromDirectory can optionally add all supported video formats

7. Added TImageEnMView.SelectedImageAlwaysVisible property to force the selected image to remain visible

8. TSaveImageEnDialog can now be used without attaching it to a TImageEnIO (though in this configuration it will not provide user access to file parameters)

9. New selection option, iesoDisableOneClickDeselect, which prevents clearing of the selection when clicking on a TImageEnView

10. TImageEnView and TImageEnMView now expose the Touch property


Change History: http://www.imageen.com/info/history.html


v4.1.0 also includes a preview of XE2/64 bit support



This is a free update for all purchasers in the past 12 months. You can download the update by visiting:





Other users can extend their registration at:






* Program Tips


- MailList King: Archiving old sending tasks


V11 adds the ability to move complete sending tasks to an "Archive" folder.  This allows you to maintain a record of your sending task, while reclaiming some of the disk space used by the task (i.e. deleting the recipient list if it is large).


To archive a task right-click it in the Completed Tasks or Outbox of MailList King and choose "Archive".


An archive folder will then appear in the left-hand folder tree, which you can click to view all tasks.  You can un-archive tasks in the same way too (though this is not possible if the task no longer includes a recipient list).



- DVD PixPlay: Searching for your Files


With a large slideshow it can be difficult to quickly navigate and locate particular frames.  To counter this we recently added the function to search for frames using their filename, index or any caption that you have added to the frame or is embedded in its IPTC description.


You will find the new search function under Frame > Go to Frame.



- Smart Pix/MegaView: Displaying a Slideshow of Selected Files


One of the most popular features in Smart Pix and MegaView is the slideshow function, which allows you to display all of your images and videos in sequence, or play your music files as one never-ending album.  But what if you only want to play a slideshow of a few selected images?


A little-know feature is the ability to play a slideshow of only the selected files.  This option is available when you right-click a selection of multiple files.


For more powerful slideshows:


- Right-click a folder in the folder selector and check "Show Sub-Folders" then you will be able to display a slideshow of an entire folder tree


- Use the Favorites function (File > Add to Favorites) to choose specific files for display, then select the "Favorites" tab to display a slideshow of all the files that you marked



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