Xequte February Newsletter: Xequte Photo Bundle and Two Updates

15 February 2011


In this Issue:


  • MailList King V10.20 Released
  • DVD PixPlay V6.20 Released
  • New Xequte Photo Bundle Deal
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List




Dear Xequte Software User,


I find the best thing about birthdays is that for a whole day you can be utterly selfish without a pang of guilt, one can cast aside the normal responsibilities of being father, husband and business person and do whatever what one wants to do.  In January I had my 40th, yikes!  And given that I would be laughed out of the door if I turned up at a Porsche dealership and requested a test drive I decided instead that I would cross Mt. Tongariro.


The Mt. Tongariro Alpine crossing is listed as New Zealand’s top day walk, and I can see why.  You climb to nearly 2000m (6,500 ft.), walk through the basin of a volcano, refresh yourself in some beautiful, azure lakes and gaze down on the world more than a kilometer below.  Here’s a photo of me towering over one of the lakes (the “ants” in the background are trampers further along the track).


A few observations:


  1. The walk is very popular with foreign tourists, but apparently not with locals:  There were hundreds of other trampers (such that at times you found yourself in a human traffic jam); I talked to Americans, Germans, Israelis, Spaniards and Japanese, but I didn’t encounter a single other kiwi (excluding my esteemed travelling companion).
  2. Don’t assume that because you can do a half-marathon (21km/13mi) in 3 hours that you can cross a mountain (24km/15mi) in 8 hours.
  3. An inexpensive Android cell phone and a free Google download (“My Tracks”) are enough to provide exquisite detail about position, speed and altitude.  You can even upload the data to Google Earth to relive the experience.





Nigel Cross

Xequte Software






* MailList King V10.20 Released


MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.  V10.20 is a big update with some cool new features.


Top Ten Changes:


  1. Member dialog shows a map of their location (if an address is available)
  2. Group dialog shows specific history for that group (including membership statistics)
  3. Revamped History dialog to make all views consistent
  4. Can now use personalization fields for attachments (instructions below)
  5. Can now personalize the sender address (instructions below)
  6. Multiple email addresses can be specified for automated back-up
  7. A CC address can be specified for auto-responders
  8. When the email stem is used as the destination group for member forwarding MLK will use all addresses/groups in the To field
  9. Stagger dialog has improved layout and a Pause button
  10. History improvements including editing of history items and addition of custom history to your groups


Complete Change List: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/changes.html



More info and evaluation download: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/


Registered Users: You can download the update by selecting Help > Check for Updates or by completing the following form:






* DVD PixPlay V6.20 Released


DVD PixPlay allows you to create slideshow discs from your digital photos and videos for playback on DVD players and computers.  V6.20 adds some important features and fixes some issues.


Top Five Changes:


1. New Search function (Frame > Go to Frame) to search filenames, captions, or indexes

2. Supports PowerPoint PPTX format

3. Now uses multicore processing for optimized image display

4. Full details display mode for Add Photos dialog

5. Improved menu layout


Complete Change List:  http://www.xequte.com/pixplay/changes.html



More info and download:  http://www.xequte.com/pixplay/

(Simply install the new version over your old one.  No new key is required if you are already using v5.*).


Upgrades:  http://www.xequte.com/pixplay/upgrade.html




* New Xequte Photo Bundle Deal


To bring in the new year we are offering special pricing on a bundle of our three most popular consumer products, DVD PixPlay, Smart Pix Manager and Amaze.  Individually these products retail for $110 but we are offering them for $69.50 until 20 February.


To purchase please go to: http://www.xequte.com/XPB/


For more information on the bundle: http://www.xequte.com/order/Xequte_Photo_Bundle.html


Note: If you have purchased recently and wish to upgrade your license to the bundle please email us.




* Program Tips


- DVD PixPlay: Sorting your Slideshow


You can automatically sort frames in your slideshow by selecting the frames to sort (holding down the ctrl key to select multiple) and then clicking Edit > Sort Slideshow and choosing your desired order.  You can sort by date, filename or even randomly.


When adding new frames you can specify the sort order using the option on the bottom left of the screen.  Your frames will be added to your slideshow in the displayed order.


You can also manually sort your slideshow as follows:


-       Select the frames to move (holding down the ctrl key to select multiple) and then click the selection and drag them to their new location

-       Select your frames and use Alt+Up/Down (or Promote/Demote on the toolbar) to move them



- MailList King: Personalization Power Features


If you are an avid MLK user then no doubt you are already using the personalization features to send custom messages and offers to your mailing list.  Now, with v10.20, for you power hungry types we have added some advanced personalization features:


  1. Personalized attachments


If you need each of your recipients to receive a different selection of attached files please see the instructions at:





  1. Personalized sender address


If you need to change the sender address depending on the recipients (e.g. where different service reps handle specific customers):





- Smart Pix Manager/MegaView: Printing Full Size Posters


An often missed feature of Smart Pix and MegaView is the ability to create huge posters with any printer.  Select your favorite family photo or landscape, click File > Print and you can output a wall sized image (up to 15 x 15 feet) using as many as 400 sheets of A4 or Letter paper.


If you email us a photo of you with a life sized poster we’ll even give you a free upgrade (first 30 customers only).



- Amaze: Shortcut Keys


You can quickly change the options or images that Amaze is using just by clicking C to display the configuration dialog while the screen saver is running.  You can also advance or reverse the slideshow using the cursor keys, or pause it by clicking P.



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