Xequte February Newsletter: MailList King v6.0 Released

20 February 2006


In this Issue:
  • MailList King v6.0 Released
  • Upgrading to MailList King v6.0
  • New Edition: MailList King Corporate
  • MailList King v6.0 Special Offers
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List




Dear Xequte Software User,


Several years ago we created a program to manage and send to the long list of e-mail addresses supplied by users when downloading our software.


It worked well and so naturally we thought, "Hey, maybe other people need to do the same thing we do..."


And thus MailList King was born.  Since then it has grown to be one of our most popular products and the functionality has expanded significantly.


This week we released our sixth major release of MailList King.


With some upgrades your focus has been on a tight area of functionality or your improvements mostly made behind the scenes and, thus, when it comes to release time you are scratching around to find enough features that users would care about to list in the Top Ten.  Other releases are so significant that you start with a Top Fifty and then slowly whittle it down to a Top Ten.


MailList King v6.0 is squarely in the latter category.  In fact I gave up trying to limit it to ten, and made it a Top Twenty instead.


Thank you to all our MailList King customers who have helped us bring MailList King from a small in-house application to a complete mailing list management solution.






Nigel Cross

Xequte Software







MailList King V6.0 Released


MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.  V6 is a major upgrade that implements over 250 changes and improvements.  Particular areas of focus have been performance and improved functionality and reliability when sending.


Here are the top twenty enhancements:


  1. Complete rewrite of message sending infrastructure code for enhanced reliability. This includes very accurate monitoring of delivery status for every recipient allowing you to easily redeliver to any recipients that failed
  2. MLK now runs much faster in all areas due to an enhanced memory manager, database improvements and significant optimizations to many functions
  3. Total redo of the Sending Tasks dialog adding a new toolbar, multiple selection, keyboard shortcuts and new columns for Success Rate, Sending Progress and Last Error. The dialog can now also be permanently left open while MLK is running
  4. Now supports delayed delivery of extra messages after a certain number of hours, days or weeks (when a user subscribes or for auto-responding tasks)
  5. Messages can now contain custom text that is only inserted if a database field of a member has a certain value (e.g. if Country=USA then... otherwise...)
  6. Now includes native spell checking
  7. Delivery of automated messages is now faster and more reliable. All automated delivery is performed in a batch and failed deliveries are automatically retried
  8. Added twelve remote administration commands that allow you to access MailList King functionality via e-mail to create and lock groups, export and back up your mailing list, subscribe and unsubscribe e-mail lists, etc (Corporate version only).
  9. Many improvements to the display of membership graphs and statistics including printing, grouping by week, month, quarter or year and faster rendering
  10. Various improvements to the Send Message dialog including drop down lists for the To, CC and BCC fields so you can quickly select recently used addresses and an optional Sending Address field
  11. Now when filtering your mailing list you can specify multiple items to search for, e.g. Country: France,Germany,Spain, as well as groups
  12. Added Data Retention functionality: MLK now optionally saves a copy of the message that was used to subscribe a user
  13. More informative sending summaries displayed upon completion of delivery tasks, including an option to automatically resend to any recipients that failed
  14. New right-click function to send just to the selected addresses
  15. The Sending Progress dialog now displays the current successful delivery rate and includes a Pause Sending button so you can restart the delivery task later
  16. Vacation Mode: Members can now temporarily disable their message delivery
  17. Web form processing now supports functions for updating of addresses, group membership and/or other details
  18. Many improvements to styling throughout the application including new progress animations and button graphics
  19. Member records can now exported, copied and printed
  20. You can now specify domains that MLK should ignore when processing mailing list messages (such as your own domain)


A complete list of improvements can be found at:





Evaluations can be downloaded from:






Upgrading to MailList King V6.0


V6.0 is a free upgrade to all users who purchased a license or upgrade after 1 Oct. 2005.  If you have not received a new key please e-mail us.  Other registered users can upgrade at:


Upgrades:  http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/upgrade.html


However, for the next seven days, we are offering discounted upgrades!  For details please visit:






New Edition: MailList King Corporate


MailList King Corporate is a new edition of MailList King designed for large mailing lists or corporate users.  It offers enhances database sharing and remote management functionality.  MailList King Corporate users will also receive priority support.


For the next seven days we are offering an introductory offer on MLK Corporate for new and existing users.  For details please visit:






MailList King Special Offers


As mentioned above, we are celebrating the new release by:

  • Offering upgrade discounts to existing users
  • Holding v5 pricing for MailList King Professional
  • Offering a discounted introductory price for MailList King Corporate

For details on all offers please visit:





Note: These offers are only available from the link above and expire at midnight, March 3, 2006.




Program Tips


- MailList King: New Sending Tasks Window


As you will have read above, a big part of the development for v6 focused on sending reliability and functionality.  One aspect of this is the revamped Sending Tasks Window ("View>Sending Tasks" on the main menu).


The new dialog allows you to easily see sending tasks that are in progress or have encountered an error.  It also displays automated message scheduled for future delivery or that could not be sent.  You can click the "Send Now" button to resend messages only to those recipients that failed with the initial delivery.


If you clicked the new "Pause" button on the Sending Progress dialog, you can also restart the delivery from this window.


The Task Properties button will take you to a detailed summary of the selected task including information on the sending progress and success rate and options to quickly modify the message, sender or sending method.


You also do not need to close the Sending Tasks dialog, you can keep it displayed beside your main MLK window.



- DVD PixPlay: Sorting Slideshow Files


An oft overlooked feature in DVD PixPlay is the Sort Slideshow function (available under "Edit>Other" on the main menu).  This function allows you to easily re-order the slideshow by the file date (the date that the photo was taken), file name, file folder or even a completely random order.



- Smart Pix/MegaView: Displaying a Slideshow of Selected Files


One of the most popular feaures in Smart Pix and MegaView is the slideshow function, which allows you to display all of your images and videos in sequence, or play your sound files as one never-ending album.  But what do you do if you only want to play a slideshow of a few selected images?


From v8.05 we have now added a function to the right-click menu to play a slideshow of the selected files (note that it is only displayed if you have selected multiple files).


For more powerful slideshows:

-          Right-click a folder in the folder selector and check "Show Sub-Folders" then you will be able to display a slideshow of an entire folder tree

-          Use the Favorites function (File>Add to Favorites) to choose specific files for display, then select the "Favorites" tab to display a slideshow of all the files that you marked



- Diji Album: Exporting your Album to a Video File


Diji Album now allows you to export your album to a video file (AVI or MPEG) which may be easier for you to send to others via e-mail.


On the main menu choose "File>Build/Distribute Album" and select the "As a File" option.  Click the "Next" button and then the "More..." link.  This will display extra export options including Adobe Acrobat, images and video files