Xequte August Newsletter: DVD PixPlay Bumper Issue

25 August 2010


In this Issue:


  • DVD PixPlay V6.10: MOV, FLV and MP4 Supported
  • DVD PixPlay Screen Saver
  • DVD PixPlay Plug-Ins
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List



Dear Xequte Software User,


Because work on other projects is ongoing, this newsletter mainly focused on enhancements and new plug-ins for DVD PixPlay.  Users of our other products might want to hit the delete key now, before you get caught up in the fervor J


As always we love to hear all your suggestions, feedback and tribulations on our user discussion forum.  Please join in the fun at:








Nigel Cross

Xequte Software






* DVD PixPlay V6.10: MOV, FLV and MP4 Supported


DVD PixPlay allows you to create slideshow discs from your digital photos and videos for playback on DVD players and computers.  We have just released v6.10 to provide support for MOV, FLV and MP4 formats.


As you add these video types to your project DVD PixPlay will automatically convert them to a compatible format.


It can also convert problematic AVI formats, such as MJPEG, to a more compatible format (See the Program Tips below for details).

Download v6.10 from:


(Simply install the new version over your old one.  No new key is required if you are already using v6.*).

And also the User Plug-Ins from:



(Users of older versions can upgrade at: http://www.xequte.com/pixplay/upgrade.html )




* DVD PixPlay Screen Saver


Now you can display your favorite slideshows whenever your computer is idle using our free DVD PixPlay Screen Saver.

1. Install the screen saver from:


2. Right-click your desktop and click "Personalize" (Windows 7 and Vista) or "Properties" (XP)

3. Choose the "Screen Saver" item

4. Select "DVD PixPlay Screen Saver"

5. Click Settings

6. Add your favorite project (*.pxp) files

7. Click OK




* DVD PixPlay Plug-Ins


An important addition to DVD PixPlay for all registered users is our "Plug-In Pack" which provides extra clip art, templates, textures, music and wider format support.  With the addition of video file conversion the pack was getting a little large (15MB) so we have now split it into two separate packs:


  • Style Pack for Registered Users
  • Format Pack for Registered Users

You can download these from:






* Program Tips


- DVD PixPlay: Converting MJPEG and Other "Difficult" Video Formats

There are some formats that do not preview well in DVD PixPlay because Windows does not include suitable drivers (most common is MJPEG which invariably raises the error "Cannot find vids:mjpg decompressor").

V6.10 makes it easier to preview these files by converting them to a more compatible format:

1. Right click any video file that does not preview correctly
2. Select "Convert Video File"



- DVD PixPlay: Printing Project Thumbnails


With v6 you can print thumbnail sheets showing all images in your project:


1.     Select File > Print

2.     Choose "Thumbnails" for your "Print Size"

3.     Click "Advanced" to specify custom colors and styling



- MailList King: Understanding Undeliverable Message Processing


In general processing of undeliverable recipients is handled in MailList King as follows:


1. MailList King reads an undeliverable message in your email software or POP account and determines which mailing list member it pertains to

2. MailList King increases the "Undeliverable Message Count" for that member

3. If the member's Undeliverable Count has got too high, he/she is removed from the mailing list



While I'm sure most of you will understand this process well, there are some subtleties that you may be unaware of:


  • MailList King can recognize standard most formats of mailing list message and thus determines whether it is a "Hard" (permanent failure) or "Soft" (temporary failure) bounce.  For soft bounces the member's Undeliverable Count is increased by one, whereas for hard bounces it is increased by three.  So if you have specified that a member is removed after five bounces, they may be removed after two reports of permanent failure
  • Members removed due to bounces can be viewed and reinstated under View > History and Errors, Removals
  • You can manually process messages as bounces using Edit > Add/Remove Addresses or Edit > Add Addresses from Outlook folders.  You can also automatically process all messages found in a folder as Bounces using View > Options, Incoming, Folder Processing Tasks
  • You can view undeliverable recipients by selecting "Filter/Search" in the main window

- Smart Pix/MegaView: Moving and Copying Files


One of the most common ways we like to organize our multimedia files is by categorizing them into appropriate folders.  Smart Pix and MegaView offer a number of different ways to quickly move your files:


  • Whenever you move or copy files they are added to the recent list so you can quickly move subsequent files to the same folder by clicking the small down arrow beside the move or copy button
  • Display the "Quick Move" Toolbar (View > Tool Windows > Quick Move).  You can then move selected files to recent or favorite folders with a single click, or using drag and drop
  • Click Shift+Alt+X to move selected files to the folder you last used
  • A quick way to sort files in a folder is to add certain ones to favorites (File > Add to Favorites or Ctrl + B).  After you've finished the folder, go to Favorites mode and move them all en masse



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