Xequte September Newsletter: Nine new releases just to keep everyone happy

1 September 2009


In this Issue:
  • Amaze v7.0
  • MailList King V8.60
  • DVD PixPlay V5.03
  • Two Screen Savers Updated
  • Four More Updates
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List
Dear Xequte Software User,
Well there's so much news to report that I'll keep my comments brief to save you the eye strain. 
Over the last two months we've been working hard to polish up all our products and ensure they are ready for Windows 7.  We've also released a major upgrade for Amaze, Screen saver and another big update for MailList King.
With so many releases this should be a newsletter that makes almost everyone happy ;-)  (except maybe Smart Pix and MegaView users, but you'll be rewarded soon too).

Nigel Cross
Xequte Software
P.S.  If you find this newsletter interesting please forward it to your friends :-) 
* Amaze Screen Saver V7.0 Released
Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver displays your favorite photos and videos while your computer is idle.
Top Ten Changes
1. Completely revamped interface
2. Dual monitor support
3. Automatically rotates digital camera photos for display
4. New keyboard shortcuts to mute (M) and advance music (N) during slideshow
5. Multiple photos mode now supports slideshow captions
6. Fonts can be specified for slideshow captions
7. Hides cursor during video playback
8. New texture files
9. Improved performance
10. Windows 7 support
More info and download:  http://www.xequte.com/amaze/

V7.0 Offers
Registered Amaze users can upgrade for $6.90 (20% off):

Registered users of other Xequte products can purchase Amaze for $15.60 (20% off):
Note: These offers are only available from the links above and expire at midnight Sep 4.
* MailList King V8.60 Released
MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.  V8.60 is another big update adding many usability enhancements.
Top Ten Changes
1. New "Sending Task Properties" with all details (message, recipients, log, etc.) available in one dialog
2. New "Select Personalization Field" dialog to make it easier to personalize your messages
3. New dialogs to display Removal and History records
4. Full editing functionality is available when editing messages of existing sending tasks
5. New editing toolbar when creating Acknowledgement and Welcome messages
6. When using date fields in personalized messages you can shift them (e.g. one week ago, 30 days after purchase)
7. You can quickly send a message in your Delayed Messages list to recipients
8. You can quickly run an Outlook Folder Retrieval task on any Outlook folder
9. SMS sending tasks now display with unique graphics
10. Fields can now be mapped to any custom field when importing

More Info and Evaluation download: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/download.html
V8 Registered Users: If you have not been emailed a download link please complete the following: http://www.xequte.com/support/serial/
* DVD PixPlay V5.03 Released
DVD PixPlay allows you to create slideshow discs from your digital photos and videos for playback on DVD players and computers.  We have released 3 small updates since our last newsletter.
Top Five Changes Since v5
1. New page flip transition effect
2. WMV videos can now be added to projects
3. Option to display all effects, even if they have been disabled for the project
4. When adding images, thumbnails of those already in the project are shown as gray
5. Better quality when creating YouTube videos

More info and download:  http://www.xequte.com/pixplay/
(Simply install the new version over your old one.  No new key is required if you are already using v5.*).
* Two Screen Savers Updated
Our two freeware screen savers have been updated to add support for multiple monitors and Windows 7:
  • Xanorama, Panoramic Screen Saver: Displays a selection of panoramic photos, slowly panning the entire width of the photos across your screen
  • XClock, Digital Clock Screen Saver: Displays a large glowing digital clock on your screen whenever your PC is idle
Both products can be downloaded from:
* Four More Updates
We have also released updates to our other popular freeware products to add support for Windows 7 and other improvements:
  • OutPosted, Web Site Monitoring and Delivery Software
  • Picture of the Day, Desktop Image Downloader and Changer
  • SiteUp, Web Site Availability Monitoring Software 
  • X-VCD Player, VCD Player
All products can be downloaded from:
* Program Tips
- DVD PixPlay: Where are All My Transition Effects?
One feature added in v5.0 has been both popular and derided.  Many users didn't like the motion and transition effects selectors cluttered with those that they never used and so, by default, PixPlay now hides any effects that you have not enabled for the project.
This left many other users scratching their heads trying to find the effects that they don't want for the project, but do want to assign to individual images. 
If you are in the latter camp, go into View > Options, Other and uncheck the box for “Hide effects that are not enabled for the project”

- MailList King: Adding Existing Recipients to a Welcome Message or Auto-Responding Task
What happens if you have a group with a welcome message and 1000 people have subscribed., but later you decide that every six months everyone in the group should get an automated message (explaining how to unsubscribe). In the past if you created a new delayed message it would only be sent to new subscribers to the group, leaving your old ones in the dark.
With v5.60 you can now add existing members to delayed welcome message or auto-responding task:
1. Create a new delayed welcome message (under View > Options, Automated Emails, Welcome Messages, Delayed Messages)
2. Select the new delayed message
3. Click "Send to Addresses"
4. Add your group members
5. Click OK twice

- Smart Pix/MegaView: Rotating all of your Images with a Single Click
One of the most common image editing functions is rotation.  To quickly rotate a selection of images with a single click:
1.  Select your files (hold Ctrl down as you click on them, or hold Shift to select a contiguous row)
2.  Click Rotate Left or Rotate Right using the buttons on the Image Editing toolbar or under the Edit menu
3.  Click "Yes" at the "Rotate All?" prompt
Also, if your camera supports it, Smart Pix and MegaView can automatically rotate any portrait images as you download them from the camera (using Tools > Acquire from Camera or Scanner)
Note: Smart Pix and MegaView both support lossless JPEG editing, which means there is no reduction in quality when you rotate or crop a photo (unlike many other image editors).