Xequte April Newsletter: MailList King Update and Beta Testers Required

3 April 2008

In this Issue:

  • MailList King V7.10 Released
  • Beta Testers sought for DVD PixPlay
  • Freeware Spotlight: Xanorama Panoramic Photo Screen Saver
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List

Dear Xequte Software User,

As hinted in recent newsletters we are working on a major update to DVD PixPlay.  This update will add the single most requested feature to the program (if you spend much time on our user forum then you can probably guess which one), plus many smaller improvements.  It has been a major undertaking, but we are close to a beta release (we need testers; see below if you are interested).

The upgrade will be free for all purchasers in 2008 (and earlier too, depending on when it is finally released).  So you can purchase now for the v3 price and you will also receive v4 for free:


We've also issued a big update for MailList King.  Details follow…

As always, please email us if you have any questions or comments, or visit our forum to talk with other users:



Nigel Cross
Xequte Software

* MailList King V7.10 Released

MailList King allows you to easily manage and send to an email mailing list from your own computer.

We have now released v7.10, an important update all v7 users of MailList King.

In v7.02 we introduced code to address an incompatibility with Outlook 2007. A side effect of this change was that when sending via certain versions of Outlook the message may have gone out in Outlook RTF format (with the result that any embedded images may show as attachments in non-Outlook email clients).

V7.10 also introduces some big enhancements:

1. Can now directly open Microsoft Word files into the Send Message dialog
2. Preview dialog now displays statistics regarding size and delivery time
3. Can now insert and edit tables
4. Images can be easily enlarged or reduced using buttons on the Send Message toolbar
5. Updated Outlook integration library to improve compatibility and reliability

Complete change list: www.xequte.com/maillistking/changes.html#710

More Info and Evaluation download: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/download.html

Registered Users: If we have your correct details a download link will already have been sent to you.  If you did not receive the link, please complete the following form:


* Seeking DVD PixPlay Beta Testers

We are currently working on a major update of DVD PixPlay (will be a free upgrade to all purchasers in 2008) and are seeking registered and experienced DVD PixPlay users to trial it and advise us of any problems encountered.

If you are interested in participating please visit the following page and specify your e-mail address:


We anticipate releasing the beta towards the end of April.


* Freeware Spotlight: Xanorama Panoramic Photo Screen Saver

There are many sites on the Internet with fantastic panoramic photos, such as the 360 degree photos of Paris at night.  Xanorama displays a selection of panoramic photos whenever your computer is idle, slowly panning the entire width of the photo across your screen.

Xanorama is freeware and can be downloaded from:



* Program Tips

- DVD PixPlay: Using Music from a CD as Slideshow Background Music

Music tracks on a CD are not actually files that Windows (or software such as DVD PixPlay) can use directly (though, of course, Windows can play the files).

So to use them you need to use CD ripping software to convert the CD music into an MP3 file.  There are many products that can do this, including free ones: 


Newer versions of Windows Media Player also allow you to rip your CD music, however you need to change the copy format to MP3 (under Tools > Options, Copy Music) < BR>

Naturally you should ensure the music tracks you are ripping are not copyright!


- MailList King: New Message Creation Tools

In V7.10 we've added two new tools to improve your creation of compelling Newsletters:

- Image reduction and enlargement

When you select an image that you have embedded into your message, two button will appear on the toolbar so you can easily enlarge and reduce the image size

- You can now insert and edit tables

One of the key tools for good layout in HTML is tables; hidden rows and columns of data.  You can now easily insert and modify tables in your messages by clicking the Table button on the Message Sending toolbar


- Smart Pix Manager: Sharing Descriptions and Keywords using IPTC

Many photo applications, such as Picasa, Amaze, and PhotoShop, allow you to edit and view keywords and descriptions stored within image fields (IPTC).  Smart Pix Manager allows you to automatically use the keywords and descriptions that are embedded in images when adding them to your collection.  This means that it can rapidly search and filter your collection based on that data.

You can even embed the keywords and descriptions that you create in Smart Pix into the image.  Then when you share those images with other people, they will also receive the information.

- To import embedded keywords and descriptions when adding images: Enable the relevant option under File > Options, Database, Automatic Keyword Generation< BR>

- To automatically store keywords and descriptions to images when you add/edit them in Smart Pix: Under File > Options, Other, Advanced enable "Store Descriptions in IPTC Fields"< BR>

- To manually embed your Smart Pix keywords and descriptions within your images:Select Database>Import andExport>Save Descriptions to IPTC


- MegaView (also in Smart Pix): Adding a date based name to your files

Images that are retrieved from a digital camera typically have meaningless names such as DCM000432.jpg.  When you retrieve images from your camera using Smart Pix or MegaView it will offer to give a more meaning full name, including the batch insertion of the date and time the image was taken (using the date embedded in the camera fields of the image).

However if you are new to Smart Pix/MegaView or use your camera software to retrieve images you may have many images that still have unmemorable names.  For these you can use the batch renaming functionality to add a better name:

1.  Select the files that you want to rename (using Ctrl or Shift to select multiple files)

2. Click File > Rename on the menu

3.  Select the "Batch Rename" tab

4.  Specify how the files should be rename (optionally choosing text, date, time, number, etc)

5.  Click OK


- Amaze: Displaying IPTC Descriptions over your Photos

When you specify a description for your images in many applications (such as Picasa, MegaView and PhotoShop) the data (IPTC) is embedded into the image file itself allowing you to use it in other applications.  With Amaze you can automatically display any such description when an image is displayed.  To enable this:

1.  In the Amaze folder under your Start menu choose the "Configure Amaze"

2.  Click the Settings tab

3.  In the Slideshow Captions box choose the "Description" option