Xequte July Newsletter: What would Nando do?

20 July 2006


In this Issue:
  • MailList King V6.05 Released
  • Freeware Spotlight: "Picture Of The Day" Downloader
  • Program Tips
  • Removing yourself from this List
Dear Xequte Software User,
We're going to take a break from normal programming to talk about books (Yes, even in this day and age of information overload I still like to read black text imprinted on rectangular pieces of pressed wood).  When was the last time you read a book that was so engrossing that you couldn't bear to close it and ended up reading it from cover to cover in a single sitting?
That was my experience with "Miracle in the Andes", the story of Nando Parrado, one of the Uruguayan rugby players who crashed in the Andes in 1972 and finally walked out after 72 days (you may have read the earlier book, Alive, or seen the movie where Nando was played by Ethan Hawke). 
Miracle in the Andes is a magnificent book, which everyone should read.  It is a touching, powerful and utterly amazing story of human emotion, endurance and achievement in one of the harshest environments on earth.  It forces you to evaluate the balance in your life and appreciate that which is most important.
Buy it now! 
Then, when you find yourself abandoned in the car park of your country club as your valet dashes off to the loo clutching his stomach and cursing a bad curry, you can ask yourself, "What would Nando do?"
Load your pockets with complimentary mints, fill a discarded wine bottle with water from the faux Botticelli fountain, stuff crumpled serviettes into your clothing for warmth and head out into the brisk New England winter's evening to find your Porsche Cayenne using the hazy blue glow from your cell phone for illumination.
Nigel Cross
Xequte Software
* MailList King V6.05 Released
MailList King allows you to manage and communicate with a mailing list from your own computer.
Here is a top ten list of changes in v6.05:
1. Now delayed sending tasks can be set to automatically recur (every month, year, etc)
2. Can now reload the last ten sent messages directly from the send dialog
3. Can now import a list of undeliverable addresses into the Removed addresses list
4. New advanced option to make MLK beep when it completes a slow task
5. New menu item to quickly block the entire domain of a selected contact
6. Can now mark all recipients of a task as sent/unsent using the wildcard *@*
7. Can now filter mailing lists by domain or TLD (without needing to use the email field)
8. New hidden option, AlwaysReadPersonalizationFieldsFromDB, which allows you to specify any database field for personalization of your Welcome, Acknowledgement and automatic response messages
9. Fixed various issues handling non-standard messages when using POP retrieval
10. Now when orphaned members are encountered they can be added to a group named "Orphaned_Members"
Note: we have also changed the name of MLK Corporate to MLK Business.
Evaluations can be downloaded from: http://www.xequte.com/maillistking/download.html
Registered Users: An updated download link will be sent to you over the next 24 hours.  If you do not receive the link, please complete the following form:
* Freeware Spotlight: "Picture Of The Day" Downloader
There are many sites on the internet that publish a new image each day on your area of interest, "Car of the Day," "Pet of the Day," "Bikini of the Day," etc.
Wouldn't it be great so to make your desktop wallpaper change each day to match your favorite "Picture of the Day" site?
POTD automatically downloads images from web sites and displays them as your desktop wallpaper (or as a screen saver in tandem with Amaze).  It is freeware and can be downloaded from:
* Program Tips
- DVD PixPlay: Preview Slideshow vs. Test Slideshow
You may have noticed two similarly named items in DVD PixPlay; "Preview" on the main toolbar and "Test" at the bottom of the Create CD wizard.  So what's the difference?  Preview is an approximate representation of how the slideshow will look when played on your TV.  Test, on the other hand, actually performs the initial conversion to display the final output.  A "test" takes much longer to create, however if you burn the slideshow after doing a test, the conversion process does not need to be performed again.
- MailList King: Setting a Field of All Selected Members
MailList King offers a quick way to set a data field of all selected members without needing to edit each record in turn.  For example, you may select all members of the domain, *@ABCco.com, and want to set the Company field for the selection to "ABC Company".
You can do this in MailList King using the "Set Database Field" dialog, which allows you to set a specified field (or add a custom field) for all selected records.
The function is only displayed when you have selected multiple records (as with one record it is quicker to use the "Edit Member Record").
When you have more than one record selected you can access it using Edit>Set Database Field on the menu, clicking the "Set Field" button on the toolbar or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter.
- Smart Pix/MegaView: Emailing your Images
If you frequently e-mail your images, you may want to do this within Smart Pix/MegaView as it offers features to automatically resize and convert them so that they are faster to send and receive.
To enable this functionality go into File>Options, Other tab and specify your preferred E-mail settings.  It is recommended that set the option to always send in JPEG format, generally no larger than screen size (as long as the images are not intended for printing). 
Now you can select images and click File>E-mail File and your images will be automatically converted and sent.
- Diji Album: Editing your Images
Diji Album allows you to perform most common image editing functions, including rotation, cropping, color adjustment, etc.
The easiest way to take advantage of these features is to display the image editing toolbar using View>Toolbars>Image Editing.  When you select an image in your album, the editing toolbar will be activated.  You can also edit images on your computer without even adding them to your album, by using the image selector (View>Display Image Selector)