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Xequte sends out an e-mail newsletter to all users on our database (includes all users who have provided us their e-mail when downloading, joining a list or sending queries to us).  You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to this list by entering your e-mail here.

Your e-mail address is only used by Xequte and is NEVER shared with a third party. For further information view our Privacy Policy.

For more information, read our Mailing List FAQ.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will you sell or share my address with other companies?
  Never!  Your e-mail address is only used for monthly newsletters and is never shared with a third party. For further information view our Privacy Policy.
2.  How often will you e-mail me?
  Once a month, around the 15th.
 3.  I have added myself to your mailing list but I haven't received any mailers.  What went wrong?
  The two main reasons you won't receive a mailer are:

- You are signed up to a spam prevention service that requires senders to confirm the delivery of messages.

Unfortunately we have a very large mailing list and it would take hours for us to perform the authorization procedures for every message that required it. If you want to receive messages from us please add the addresses to your permitted senders list.

- You have unsubscribed in the past

To protect users who have unsubscribed we do not allow an e-mail address to be re-added to our mailing list. If you have removed yourself in the past and want to add yourselves back again, please e-mail

4. I have removed myself from your mailing list but I am still receiving your mailers.  What should I do?
  This can occur if the address in our mailing is different from the one you unsubscribed, i.e. because you receive messages via an alias or forwarding address (e.g. when you end your account with an ISP, often they will forward messages to your new ISP's e-mail account).

If you are not sure what address this might be then you should check the header of the message and it will display the address that was used to reach you.

Once you have this information please e-mail and advise us the address to remove.

5. Why am I on your list?
  Either you added yourself when downloading your software or you e-mailed us expressing interest in our products.

Use the Subscription Information tool for more detail.