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 Why Data Management Service is Best For Business?
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Posted - Nov 01 2022 :  03:36:20  Show Profile  Reply
Data management as a service is a type of cloud service that provides enterprises with centralized storage for disparate data sources. The label "as a service" references a pay-per-use business model that does not require the customer to purchase or manage infrastructure for data management.

In this business model, the customer backs up data to the Tech2Globe service provider. This is typically done by installing agents on the data sources being backed up, although in the case of cloud data sources, a simple authentication process may be the first step.

Tech2Globe is typically an operating expense that goes up and down based on how much service the customer is consuming. It is technically possible to provide Tech2Globe using on-premises infrastructure, or a private cloud offered by the Tech2Globe vendor, but all infrastructure must be provided and managed by the Tech2Globe vendor to be considered a service. Although it may be possible to do data management as a service this way, it is prohibitive to do so for logistical and cost reasons.

How Tech2Globe works
As the name implies, Tech2Globe must be done as a service -- it is not data management as a service if a company must purchase, install and maintain significant amounts of infrastructure to perform data management. The "as a service" moniker should be in keeping with the traditions of services that have created and defined the concept, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

For example, none of these companies require customers to install or manage infrastructure -- virtual or physical -- to provide or consume the service. Companies using such services simply tell the vendor (usually via their interface) their specific needs, such as how many users should be registered and what amount of storage each user will need. The infrastructure required to provide that service will be automatically provisioned and managed by the vendor.

Data management as a service uses cloud services to provide scalability, insights and accessibility to a company's various sources of data. This central collection of data is then used to provide data protection and additional services.

Data sources include file servers, application servers and database servers, including virtual machine (VM) databases as well. Most companies also have data in one or more cloud providers, and on many desktops, laptops and mobile devices. A comprehensive data management solution protects and manages data from all sources in a single cloud-based system; however, some data management options only protect and manage a subset of these data sources.

The additional services mentioned above include proactive compliance, data analytics, legal hold and centralized search. A centralized view across all data sources provides the best viewpoint for many of these services. For example, if an electronic discovery request asks a company to find and hold all instances of a given employee's work, being able to perform a single search across servers, laptops and cloud instances makes fulfilling that request much easier.

Learn More at: https://tech2globe.com/data-management-services



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Posted - Sep 07 2023 :  01:14:10  Show Profile  Reply
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Posted - Oct 31 2023 :  03:53:05  Show Profile  Reply
Devika Group: Celebrate the Festive Season with a New Investment in Goa's Future

Buying a home during festivals isn't just a trend; it's a tradition filled with culture and feelings. Devika Group knows how important this time is. Let's see why this season is the best time to start your journey to owning a house.

Festivals are not only about lights and gifts. They're also about new beginnings. In India, festivals are seen as an auspicious time to invest in real estate. We celebrate moments of happiness and togetherness by securing our family's future through property ownership. Owning a piece of paradise like the Best Real Estate Project In Goa brings immense joy.

Emotionally, festivals make us feel nostalgic and connected. Owning property during this season has a deep sentimental value. It's not just about money; it's a promise of a wonderful future. Villas in Goa or Plots in Goa become more than just buildings; they become a part of our cherished memories.

So, when you think about Upcoming projects in Goa, remember that the festive season is more than just celebrations. It's a time to make your dreams come true with the help and offerings of Devika Group, who celebrate with you every step of the way.

Pros of Investing in Real Estate During Festivals With Devika Group
Investing in real estate during the festive season brings a bundle of advantages. Devika Group knows how this season can be a game-changer for your property dreams.

One big plus is the special deals offered by developers during festivals. These deals often come with discounts, offers, and exclusive packages that make property purchases more affordable. This can help you save money while getting your dream home, like the Best Real Estate Project In Goa or charming Villas in Goa.

But that's not all! Festive season investments often come with tax benefits. These financial perks can reduce your overall cost and make property ownership even more appealing. It's like the season's gift that keeps on giving, making it a smart time to think about residential projects in Goa.

Devika Group (visit www.devikagroup.com), we'll explore whether this joyful time is truly the best season to turn your dream of owning a home into reality. From the gleaming Best Real Estate Project In Goa to the Villas in Goa

How to Make Informed Decisions?

Making informed decisions when considering real estate investments during the festive season is crucial. Devika Group Owner understands the significance of being well-prepared for such a significant move. Here are some steps to help you navigate this exciting journey.

1. Thorough Research:
Before making any property investment, dig deep into the options available. Whether it's the Best Real Estate Project In Goa, cost Villas in Goa, or enticing Plots in Goa, learn everything you can about the properties. Consider factors like location, amenities, and potential for future value.

2. Consult Experts:
Don't hesitate to seek guidance from real estate experts or property advisors. They can provide valuable insights into market trends, property prices, and legal aspects. Experts can help you make a well-informed decision that aligns with your goals.

3. Read Customer Reviews:
Customer reviews can be a goldmine of information. Hearing from those who have already invested in residential projects in Goa or other real estate options can provide you with firsthand experiences. This can be especially valuable in understanding the reputation of developers and the quality of their projects.

4. Visit the Property:
Whenever possible, visit the property in person. This gives you a firsthand look at what you're investing in. Walk around the development, assess the quality of construction, and get a feel for the surroundings. It's a great way to ensure that the property matches your expectations.

5. Financial Planning:
Consider your budget and financing options. Calculate the total cost, including registration fees, taxes, and maintenance charges. Ensure that your investment aligns with your financial capabilities.

6. Legal Considerations:
Before finalizing any deal, thoroughly examine the legal aspects. Ensure that all necessary permissions and clearances are in place. This helps avoid future disputes and legal hassles.

By following these steps, you can make well-informed decisions about your festive season real estate investment. Devika Builders is here to assist you through this process, ensuring that your property dreams come to life with confidence and ease.


Investing in real estate during the festive season is like receiving a gift of opportunity.Devika Group has shown us the many advantages, from special offers to tax benefits, and how to make wise decisions. So, is the festive season the right time to invest in real estate? Absolutely! It's a time when traditions, emotions, and smart financial moves come together. Whether you're eyeing the Best Real Estate Project In Goa, Luxury Villas in Goa, or Plots in Goa, this season is your golden opportunity to make your real estate dreams a reality.

Learn More at

Devika Group
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