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Cruise Control, Rapid Email Responding Software
Compatible with all versions of Windows
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Cruise Control is a powerful email software program or add in for Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail and others. It allows you to rapidly create personal replies to your overflowing Inbox of messages

Note: Cruise Control will NOT modify any messages or settings in your email software unless you action it


Optimized Workflow
Cruise Control has been completely designed around the tenets of Email Productivity experts. It provides an optimized workflow to process your messages effectively

At the heart of Cruise Control is a Response dialog that allows you to rapidly generate the best response for each message

All Information in One Place
The Responding window provides all of the data you need to immediately reply to a message, including the original message, a history of the sender, a message search box, an attachment viewer and all of your Responses and Quick Text items. You can layout the window totally to your preference and work method

Shown here is a docked layout (with Search panel hidden)


Automatic Guessing of Best Response
If you find yourself constantly retyping the same reply, create a "Response" template for that message type. Cruise Control uses Bayesian analysis to guess the best response for each message based on your past replies. Click "Send" to use the response or choose a different one (training Cruise Control to guess better in future)

One-Click Insertion of Text, Images and Files
All of the phrases and text snippets you commonly write in your messages can be added with a single click. The most relevant items are highlighted and any that do not match the current product or profile are hidden. You can also instantly add a selection of files, embedded images and formatted rich text.

Product Guessing
Specify a list of your products and their nicknames, and Cruise Control will determine which are mentioned in each message. With this it will personalize your responses and offer only relevant Quick Text

Separate your Support and Sales Emails
Use profiles to allow different people to respond using the same PC, or so you can assume multiple personalities. For example, choose a support profile to reply only to technical messages. The reply address and signature will be changed, and irrelevant Responses and Quick Text will be hidden

Never Type "Dear Tom" Again!
Use "Fields" in your Responses or Quick Text to insert any text that changes by message, product or profile. E.g. %Message_Sender_First_Name% is automatically filled with the first name of the person you are replying to. %Product_Web_Page% is replaced with a clickable link to the web page of the relevant product. You can also use fields to attach files based on the date or insert conditional text, e.g. customize the message depending on whether the contact has purchased or not

Quick Forwarding
With two clicks you can immediately forward selected messages to a common recipient or recipient group

Intelligent Spell Checking
Cruise Control checks for spelling mistakes the way good email software should by ignoring email addresses, web links and quoted text of the original message. It also underlines misspelt words and auto-corrects common misspellings as you type

Powerful Database Searching and Sharing
Cruise Control is built on robust database technology, delivering lightning fast searching of messages and contacts. You can also share Cruise Control settings and messages over a network or read or write to the database with other software (such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server) using ODBC

Contact History and Tracking
Cruise Control maintains a detailed message history of all your contacts, even if they change email addresses

Integrated Attachment Viewer
View your images, documents and other attachments directly within Cruise Control, or immediately launch them into a relevant program

Web Form Message Support
When Cruise Control replies to a message submitted from a web form it can read the sender name and address directly from fields in the message body. You can also use the fields to automatically customize your reply (insert relevant text or files, etc)

Easy Importing and Exporting
Read contacts, responses, quick text and messages directly from folders of text files, Excel and CSV files. Drag and drop text (e.g. from Word or Outlook) and files to instantly create new Responses and Quick Text
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